Ten Ways to Improve your Class Presentations

By using technology to aid, rather than deliver your presentations, you’ll be able to focus on delivering your message clearly and in a memorable way… which brings me to my ten hot tips for improving your use of technology in class presentations:

1.Let your prepared notes guide your presentation, not your PowerPoint. Be tempted to not even look at your PowerPoint.
2.Remember that you’re talking to a human audience, not to PowerPoint. People like to hear you speak slowly, clearly, and with a bit of expression and body language.
3.Invite your audience to think, rather than absorb your content.
4.To that effect, use simple and thought-provoking media. Short quotes, an interesting picture or video, an anecdote, or a funny slide titles will bring your audience’s attention to the topic.
5.Use less text on your slides. There’s nothing worse than having to read an entire paragraph of a judgment from a projector screen, or listening to someone read what’s already in plain sight.
6.For that matter, use less everything on your slides. I don’t want to see tables, graphs, text, some vaguely relevant picture, and a surprise clip-art man exploding onto the screen. I just want to be able to think about what you’re saying without being distracted.
7.An interesting presentation does not need garish colours, designs, animations, or fonts. At the same time, it does need to be more interesting to look at than a plain Word document.
8.Be consistent in your slide designs. Yes, PowerPoint is so flexible, but I really want to focus on your content, not your skills in data layout or graphic design.
9.Try something different to PowerPoint altogether. Check out Prezi, a popular alternative to PP.
10.Remember the Golden Rule: use technology to aid your presentation, not to actually deliver it!


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