Hizbut Tahrir’s Aim To Conquer The World

Our party’s aim is to re-establish the Islamic State which is called Khilafah in Arabic. This Khilafah will be the only sollution to the muslims problem in bangladesh, palestine, iraq, afghanistan, kashmir, all parts of the world. This Khilafah will unite the 58 small muslim countries under one leadership, under one ruling, one law, one land, one flag, because as muslims we only believe in one God, one Kitab, one Rasul, and one Kiblat. We should not be divided. The disunity among the muslims happened because of the naitonalisme. As bangladeshi wanted to establish a Bangladesh state. Pakistani wanted to establish their own state. Malaysian also wanted to establish their own seperat state. The thinking of nasionalisme is factor why did muslims become disunited. We need to throw away this kind of thinking as Islam does’nt differentiate between black or white, bangladeshi or pakistani, arab or non-arab, because the most pious will have a high status in the eyes of Allah.

The crisis of economy, hunger, and poverty among muslims will only be solved by implementing the Economic System of Islam, not the economy of Capitalist which we are implementing today. The social problems in the society would only be solved by implementing the Islamic Law. Only the Islamic will ensure justice. The killings of muslims in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan will only be solved by implementing the Foreign Policy of an Islamic State/Khilafah which is Jihad, not being the agents of America or India.

Malaysia will only become a sovereign state by re-establishing the Khilafah and unite with Indonesia, Brunei and other muslim countries, not by living under the hands of British and America.

Khilafah is an Islamic State which had made Muslims the great ummah for more than 1300 years, after being established by Rasulullah, and the reign of Khulafa Ar-Rasyidun, and then the Khilafah Umayyah, Abbasiyyah, and the last is Khilafah Uthmaniyah(ottoman) which had been overthrown by the traitor, Mustafa Kamal Attaturk in the year of 1924. Until today, it had been nearly 90 years that the Ummah were living disunited, living in misery being killed by the jews, and living as puppet of America. The time has come for us to rise and re-establish the Khilafah that will rule according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. Only by following Islam wholeheartedly will ensure our victory.

Our Political Party name is Hizbut Tahrir (Liberation Party). The party that are working to liberate the muslims from the thinking of nasionalisme, pluralisme, from the system of democracy which made muslims the servant of America, from the law of British which is implemented in muslims land to the light of Khilafah. We are woking to liberate the muslim countries which are being the servant of the west to become a sovereign which is only ruled by one Amir/Khalifah.

In order to achieve our purpose, we educate the muslims with the Ideology of Islam, which is not only explaining on the Aqidah or Ibadah, but also explains the system of Islam that rules our life. Islam has the sollution to economis problem, Islam has its own governing system and etc. We also expose to the ummah about the treachery of the muslim leaders that are having relations with Kuffar America, British, Israel, and India. We account the rulers that allow the establishment of American base in muslims land and etc.

Hizbut Tahrir is a Global Islamic Party which is working in more than 45 countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, America, Britain, Australia, Arab countries, Central Asian countries and many more.


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