The government serves India’s security needs while at the same time collaborating with the polytheist

Press Release

The government serves India’s security needs while at the same time collaborating with the polytheist enemy to weaken the defence forces of the country

Yesterday (28 December, 2009) various newspapers and television channels reported the arrival of Indian security forces in the country under the pretext of providing security to the Indian High Commission compound. Newspapers in India also recently published reports that the Indian government was training personnel for this job. However the government was shamelessly denying this even though TV footages, newspaper photos, and eye witness accounts reveals that the forces of the polytheist enemy are roaming in and around the compound. Government ministers made contradictory statements on the subject. The Home Minister Sahara Khatun denied it; the State Minister for Home Affairs, Shamsul Hoque said the matter was still at stage of discussion while the Foreign Secretary Mijarul Quayes stated that India has not expressed its intent to man the high commission with its own personnel. Do these ministers expect the people to believe that Indian security forces entered the country without the government’s knowledge and collaboration?!

The Muslims of Bangladesh want to know why the government of Sheikh Hasina is so devoted to fulfilling the security needs of India and the Indian High Commission. Last month the government did India’s dirty work by kidnapping leaders of ULFA and handing them over to Indian security forces. And the people will not forget the government’s collaboration with India in killing our military officers in Pilkhana (BDR headquarters). On the one hand they are conspiring with India to weaken the defence forces of the country while at the same time serving India’s security needs.

It need not be mentioned that India is an enemy state. The subservient stance taken by the government is a crime against Islam, and the Muslims. Allah (SWT) has declared those who take the disbelievers as their allies as hypocrites and they will face severe punishment in the Hereafter.

“Give to the hypocrites the tidings that there is for them a painful torment. Those who take disbelievers for Auliyah’ (protectors or helpers or friends) instead of believers, do they seek honour, power and glory with them? Verily, then to Allah belongs all honour, power and glory”. [TMQ an-Nisaa’: 138-139]

Hizb ut-Tahrir reminds the Muslims that under the current system it is natural and inevitable to have hypocrite rulers who feel no shame in openly lying to you and serving your enemies behind your backs. We call upon you to remove them and re-establish the Khilafah which will sincerely look after your interests and not those of your enemies.

Media of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh

29 December, 2009


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