Transformation of Dar ul-Islam(Islamic State) & Dar ul-Kufr(Non-Islamic State)

What makes Dar ul Islam become dar ul kufr? and what makes dar ul kufr become dar ul islam the way Yathrib became dar ul Islam? The way Makkah became dar ul Islam after fateh Makkah, like when Abyssinia transferred from darul kufr to dar ul islam.

When we speak about the domain of Islam or kufr, we are speaking about the law and order and about who has the authority and power. This domain is always subjective to whoever takes the power and authority and whatever law and order is prevalent. It is not rigid such that it will stay as it is forever.

Andalus was a further example of a changing from dar ul kufr to dar ul islam and then back to dar ul kufr.


This is a very serious matter and based on this matter will be many other views. The question rises among the ummah: Can the domain of Islam ever become dar ul kufr? What has been said about it by the fuqaha? What about the Principle “al islamu ya’lu wa laa yu’la alaih”? because of this principle some fuqaha reject the idea that Dar ul Islam can become dar ul kufr.

There are four scenarios of Dar ul Islam transforming to Dar ul Kufr:

  • If the kuffar occupy the domain of Islam and implement their kufr law. E.g. Andalus
  • If the people of that land become apostate and kufr bouah rises E.g. Musailamah Kazzab
  • When a group of people have power and they rule a certain Muslim land by force by their kufr law i.e. Dar ul Riddah E.g. the Muslim world today.
  • If ahl al zimmah rise from within the Islamic state and take power by force and implement their kufr e.g. Hind, Lebanon.

“If Ahl al Zimmah betray the covenant and take control of their homeland it becomes Dar ul Harb with agreement.” [Fattawa Al Hind V2 p205]

Some fuqaha have different views with regards to the transformation of Dar ul Islam to Dar ul Kufr.

According to the jumhur of the scholars of Ahl Al Sunnah wal Jama’ah and the Hanafi Scholars, Imam Abu Hanifah and all of his students:

“Dar ul Islam will become Dar ul Kufr if the ahkaam of the kuffar becomes dominant.”

The three conditions of Dar ul Islam becoming Dar ul Kufr according to Abu Hanifah are as follows:

(i) to be kufr law dominant
(ii) to be no treaty with a bordering country
(iii) if no Muslims remain there at all.

The fuqaha of the Ahnaf differ whether any one of those conditions will make Dar ul Islam transform to Dar ul Kufr, or if it must be all of them together.

Imam Kasaani (hanafi) said:

“They differ about Dar ul Islam about how it becomes Dar ul Kufr, Imam Abu Hanifah said, “dar ul islam will never become dar ul kufr except by three conditions, (i) if the kufr law is dominant (ii) if there is a border with Dar ul Kufr without any treaty (iii) if the Muslimeen and the Dhimmi are under the original security (i.e. kuffar take authority).” [Badaa’I’ Al Samaa’I’ v7 p131]

“Kufr law to prevail” does not mean for all the kufr laws to be dominant, it is if any single law of kufr becomes prevalent.

“If there is a border with Dar ul Kufr without any treaty” is because it is not acceptable for Dar ul Islam to have a frontier with Dar ul Kufr except to have a treaty or to have conquest of that land.

“If the Muslimeen and the Dhimmis are under the original security” is regarding to the security being in the hands of the Muslims or the kuffar.

Imam Muhammad Al Shaybaani said,

“Dar ul Islam becomes Dar ul kufr for Abu Hanifah by three conditions, (i) if the kufr law is dominant (ii) if there is a border with Dar ul Kufr without any treaty (iii) if the Muslimeen and the Dhimmi are under the original security; however we differ with our Imam, if the kufr prevails it becomes Dar ul Kufr.” [Fattawa Al Hindiyyah p232]

Imam Sirkhasee mentioned the same in Al Mabsous v10 p114

The Students of Abu Hanifah believed it is enough for the kufr law to become dominant for the state to become Dar ul Kufr. Qadi Abu Yusuf and Imam Shaybaani said,

“We say dar ul Islam and dar ul kufr, we do not say Dar ul Muslimeen nor dar ul kafireen, we associate the dar to the sovereignty not to the people, …”

In the UK, people cannot claim that their allegiance to the queen is of authority only and not sovereignty because the Prime Minister is in authority in the UK and the queen claims sovereignty, and any allegiance of sovereignty to other than Allah is kufr Akbar and will take you out of the fold of Islam.

Imam Abu Yusuf said,

“Dar ul Islam becomes Dar ul Kufr if the kufr law becomes dominant.” [Badaa’I Al Samaa’I v7 p131]


Moreoever, Constantinople was opened by the Muslims that is known. But is that conquering the same conquering that was prophesised by the Prophet (saw)? It is not so, Muhammad Al Fateh opened it, that is true but the Constantinople is of two parts, half is in the sea and half on the land.

There are Ahadith that there are certain other signs that must accompany the conquering of Constantinople but these did not occur with Muhammad Al Fateh. We will rise again in the future and conquer Constantinople as in the hadith, the way we will fufill his (saw) other unfulfilled prophecies like the conquest of the White house.

In 857H, Muhammad Al Fateh opened Constantinople and it became Islambul, he removed the romans who occupied it at the time, however it is now again under kufr law, the prophet (saw) informed us that we will conquer Istanbul and it will remain in our hands until the dajjal comes.

The prophesised conquest was linked to five signs that were not present in the conquest of Muhammad Al Fateh. It is narrated from Abu Huraira that the prophet (saw) said,

“The hour will never come until the Muslims enter a’mar and dabiq (two places in Al Sham and Aleppo), the army will rise from Madinah and they will be the best people at that time, when they clash they (the kuffar of a’mar and dabiq) will say to the Muslims, ‘stand aside, and let us fight those who took our property ….” The Muslims will say, “we will never leave you, fight them and you will kill them.” They will fight and kill a third of them and Allah will never forgive any one of them, and then another third from whom Allah will accept some of them shaheed, and the best of the shaheed in the eyes of Allah will be will the last third, they will conquer them and never be defeated, they will conquer Constantinople and while they are dividing the ghanima they hang their swords on the tree and the shaytan will say ‘jesus has risen among your people“ and they will go there and he will be the false messiah. When they go to Al Sham, he will rise and when they prepare the lines to fight the adhan will rise and the real Jesus will come down and lead the salah. When the Dajjal sees him he will melt like the salt and if he did not leave him he would have melted until Allah destroyed him, but Allah will let Isa kill him …” [Muslim]

Abu Huraira narrated that the prophet (saw) said,

“I heard of a city that half of it is in the land and half in the sea” they said, “that is true, O Messenger of Allah” he (saw) said, “the hour will not come until 70,000 of the children of Ishaq will come and conquer it, they will never conquer with swords, they will shout ‘laa ilaaha illallah’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ and half of the city will be conquered.” [Muslim]

Imam Thawr ibn Ahmed said,

“The half taken by them is the half that is in the sea, they will say ‘laa ilaaha illallah wallahu Akbar’ and they will go to the other half and conquer it without fighting.”

Constantinople is an example of Dar ul Kufr transforming into Dar ul Islam and is now again Dar ul Kufr and the hadith of Muhammad (saw) prophecises that we will conquer it again.

Imam Nawawi said,

“With the first takbeer, half of Constantinople will be conquered, that part is that of the sea and then they will say ‘laa ilaaha illallah’ and they will open it all and enter to gather the ghanima, as they are gathering the ghanima people will come and say that isa has risen.” [Imam Nawawi in Sharh Muslim v18 p43-44]

The only difference among the fuqaha is that some say that those who rise will be sons of Ishaq (as) and others say sons of Ismaeel (as).

Imam Tirmizi said,

“Conquering Constantinople is with the big sign of the hour, Constantinople is the city of the romans that the Muslims will conquer while the dajjal is rising.”

Part of Constantinople was conquered in the time of Mu’awiyah and the other in the time of Muhammad Al Fateh, but that is not the prophecised conquest, it is a conquest like any other. Ibn Kathir said,

“indeed it has been conquered in the time of Mu’awiyah, he sent among them many sahabi, among them was Abu Ayyub Al Ansari, however they did not conquer it, … in the time of Abdul Malik bin Marwan, he agreed not to enter but to implement the law of Islam and to build masajid there.”

Ibn Taymiyyah said,

“The Muslims conquered Constantinople twice, first in the time of Mu’awiyah with Abu Ayub al Ansari and after that battle Abu Ayyub was buried.” [Majmou’ Al Fattawa v18]

Abdullah ibn Umar narrated that

“The Messenger said, “the first army that conquers Constantinople will be forgiven.”

That is the conquest by Mu’awiyah (ra) and among that army was Yazeed ibn Mu’awiyah, so how dare some people insult Yazeed when Allah has forgiven that army?

The second conquest of Constantinople was the one of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan who appointed his son Maslamah and sent an expedition for Constantinople, they did not enter but agreed to build the aghia Sophia Masjid (now a museum) and to rule over it by Islam. After that Muhammad Al Fateh opened it completely.

Moreoever, Ibn Taymiyyah reported in Majmou’ Al Fattawa v35 p138, said,

“There has been many times when the kuffar have entered Egypt and occupied it, …”

The best example of this is the Ubaidis, at that time they did not even let people quote hadith and they rewarded those who cursed the sahabah. They came to power and implemented kufr law, Salahuddin took back Egypt taking it back into Dar ul Islam after it had been transformed to Dar ul Kufr from Dar ul Islam.

Another example of Dar ul Islam to become Dar ul Kufr is the Muslim countries today, there is only dispute over Saudi Arabia because people are so attached to Makkah and Madina, the two sacred masjid. This is the argument of the fake ‘salafis’, who claim that to call Makkah dar ul kufr is an insult to the house of Allah.

We agree that the kuffar have entered into the Muslim lands and occupied and destroyed the Islamic State, that all the rest of the muslim land has become dar ul kufr, but it is about time that people accept what is the haq, that Saudi Arabia and every other Muslim country in the world today is Dar ul Kufr and the leaders of all of those countries are kuffar murtaddeen.


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    • thebestummah Says:

      In Islam, alcohol is strictly forbidden eventhough the intention is pure to do something good. “The end doesnt justify the means”

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