The Media War: A Means to Brainwash the Masses

All praise is for almighty Allah (SWT) and I bear witness that there is no one worthy to be exclusively worshipped except Allah (SWT) and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is his Messenger.

O believers fear Allah (SWT) and don’t die except as a Muslim, verily the Muslim Ummah was and will always be in continuous defence against all the plots and plans her enemy plots, such as establishing loop holes between Muslims and opening many fronts against them in order to divide them, exhaust them, weaken their strength and waste their efforts. These plots from the enemies of the Ummah are an almighty tradition, destined and will continue, rather they will never relax or save effort for the sake of achieving their task or objective which they target, for Allah (SWT) says:

They will continue to fight you, if they can, in order to turn you away from your Deen ‘ [EMQ 2: 217]This ayah is clear evidence about the continuity of the animosity between truth and falsehood which we experience day and night from different types of people, whose objective is one which Allah (SWT) has specified i.e. for Muslims to become apostates from the Deen. Therefore they adopt different means and tools but the objective will always be fixed i.e. to turn Muslims away from the Deen, if they can.

So it is not strange at all for us to see what we see and hear what we hear from their plots, whether they are short term ones (to be fulfilled in the short term) or long term ones, whenever the opportunity arises for them. You see them hunger and thirst to make their falsehood widespread by any way and means in the wider society in Muslim countries, without to care about the harm or consequences. And how could they care when this is their objective, for Allah (SWT) says:

You will hear from the people of the book before you and the mushriks much harm. ‘ [EMQ 3: 118]

Verily Muslims have heard much harm and insults in order to cause disunity among them, but this is not strange, rather it is known as Sunnah Maadiyyah, destined from Allah (SWT).

What is really surprising is to find that the enemy is helped by some portion of the Muslims to spread their harm against fellow Muslims, and we don’t mean here the practicing Muslims, because they understand the Wala and Bara and are in continuous animosity with the kuffar, but rather we speak about the other majority who have been counted as Muslims. These people are useful tools, used by the kuffar to do their jobs when requested by the kuffar, without to bother about the consequences on their own Deen and on their own Muslim brothers. However, we are not really concerned with these people, but rather those who are quickest to the fitnah and those who are leading the campaign of causing fitnah and who are propagating and spreading rumors. Whoever understands them realizes how much our shield and defence is threatened from inside. However, this is not the first time that we have heard about people like this in our history. Allah (SWT) has informed us about their mocking, he says:

They plot their own plots and Allah (SWT) knows their plots, and even the mountain will be shaken by their plots ‘ [EMQ 14: 46 ]

From among these types of people are those who are naive and emotional and their zeal will push them far from the shari’ah limits, so that they start off helping the enemy with good intention, without even to stand with them, and inadvertently put extra salt on the wounds of the Ummah by propagating what the enemy say about other Muslims and, if the enemy use the weapon of the media to spread rumours, some of the ‘sincere’ Muslims will carry these rumors and spread them widely, without verification, causing damage in minutes what might have taken the enemy years to cause.

We must bear in mind that the media is one of the main tools used by the USA for its propaganda which has had a great impact and influence on conveying its military views and ideology since the First World War, as a way of brainwashing the masses around the world and as a means to convince its own people. It has been reported from J Brown, in his book ‘ The means of convincing and brainwashing ‘ written in 1970, that ‘ In the beginning of the first world war no one cared at all about oppressed people or to spread democracy but when the American people intervened and the Russian revolution started, governments started to adopt ideologies to gain the sympathy of the world or to preserve high morale among the people’

Therefore American propaganda had the main function of boosting the morale of the alliance during the First World War and to weaken the morale of the Germans. This American point of view i.e. propaganda and media campaign, against opposition, continues even today and adopts all the advanced technology to address and to reach most of the people of the Earth with the full support of political and military studies which have been prepared by the department of psychology and of the art of scientific media. In this global crusade against Islam and Muslims, the USA uses all her propaganda machine to earn international support against what she calls Islamic terrorism, extremism and fanaticism.

The USA has controlled the world’s media and forced it upon everyone using strict monitoring, it has silenced all tongues which do not agree with her propaganda and policies and has adopted two main forms of monitoring the propaganda:

• Selected monitoring – focusing on selected information which matches with her particular point of view

• Controlling all media publicity and transmission around the world to guarantee that the news reaches the world and carries her views at the speed of light.

These are the adopted means, mentioned in the above book by Mr Brown, in order to understand how the science of media propaganda has been utilized in this contemporary war.

One of the means of propaganda utilised by the Americans is continuous repetition, believing that if you repeat things many times you will find that people will one day accept them, and in fact some of the slogans may one day become common principles which have big roles in politics or the media, even if they were originally completely meaningless. Some of what the Americans repeat through their channels are concerning terrorism, fundamentalism, the war against western civilization and the war against their values, which become facts and which no one wants to debate or argue against, this matches with the popular parable, ‘ a lot of repetition will even teach the donkey ‘.

Other means of propaganda are rejecting to debate anything they propagate but rather one must confirm their thought, even by force. Recently we have experienced how US propaganda has spread its views, insisting that its ideas are fact and not open to discussion in order to brainwash the minds of the masses. The masses must adopt these and this is clearly manifested on the lips of George Bush when he says that ‘ The USA is fighting Terrorism ‘ and he keeps repeating this, and that the USA ‘ has the right to retaliate against terrorism by any means ‘. Moreover, we have heard from the White House that the USA is not needy for any evidence to attack any country which they doubt is involved in terrorism.

Another means that the disbelievers of the USA and Britain use, which has a lot of impact on the minds of the people, in order to brainwash the masses, is to establish a group of intellectuals or politicians and then introduce them in a way that people will accept them (and their views and ideologies) in order to gain their support. This style is so clear in the speeches of the American politicians for example, when they say that ‘ the American people want so and so.. ‘ or when they say, for example that ‘ 80% of the American people support the war ‘ etc… so if any American reads these statements or sees these statistics it will affect their minds and develop thoughts of artificial people, bearing in mind that most Americans have no personal opinion about the war, that they don’t care about the foreign policy of their government and they do not know about the external wars except little. So it is no surprise if the American people think Pervez Musharraf is the King of Saudi Arabia.

This is how the American war of propaganda has succeeded to trap the Northern alliance in Afghanistan , with certain slogans like ‘ the Afghani people do not want the Taleban ‘ and ‘ the afghani people want peace ‘ etc… Even the head of the government keeps repeating these and other similar statements like ‘ afghani people want the foreign forces to stay for good ‘.

Therefore we must meet this challenge with a bigger challenge than theirs and have publicity which reflects the Islamic point of view, free from any form of defeatism or blind-following and we must use the media to rise the morale and plant the hope of victory in the heart of the world in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular, so that it is not affected by the foolish US propaganda and is able to expose it publicly.

Muslims can no longer remain silent, especially in this difficult time in the history of mankind where there is material and moral defeatism and where American monopolization of the world’s media has prevailed. Propaganda does not usually succeed except when it finds people who wish to listen to it, digest it and act upon it and this cannot happen except in a society whose morale among the people is low. So we must give up defeatism and transfer it to a confrontational mentality, we must transfer our thoughts and ideas and publicize them widely and make the Muslims carry them everywhere and we must not to be busy carrying the thoughts and ideas of the enemy, whether to publicize them or even to waste time countering them. Verily Muslims have the jewellery, which is Islam, whereas the kuffar have stones called Christianity or Judaism. But unfortunately, Muslim activists hide the Jewellery and are busy criticising the stones instead of demonstrating the Jewellery they have and to let everyone see it so that the wise will realize the difference between the jewellery and the stones.

The world wide media propaganda machine and it’s savage onslaught against Muslims is bigger than at any other time, so we must plant in the minds of the Ummah the correct Aqeedah, such as Tawheed, Al-Wala Wal-Bara, brotherhood and complete submission and we must let the coming Muslim generation have immunity against any Western propaganda. Hence, we see the US and the kuffar concentrating on Americanizing the children of the world, even by spreading their thoughts and ideas via cartoon films, which carry with them all their satanic plots in order to shape the minds of the younger generation from different backgrounds and colors so that they accept it’s ideology without any resistance.

These evil, cultural, savage attacks against the Ummah are manifest in the war against the Islamic scholars, activists, Daiees and Islamic schools, and that is why the Americans are always trying to shut the schools down, arrest the scholars and stop the groups, because they see them as obstacles in the way of their satanic plots.

Muslims must therefore stand firm for what they believe against all the plots of the kuffar; it is time for stubbornness, for standing firm for your thoughts and to hold to them, because the steadfastness of the thoughts and practicing them by the people will grant them strength. Despite the fact that the Tartars invaded Muslim countries with their military advancement, they still ended up embracing our Deen when they saw how the Muslims held to their own thoughts and belief without compromising. Despite being weak and having a defeated materially, their morale was very high.

O Muslim brothers, O Ghurabaa, be aware that the real strength of the Muslims is in the firmness of their belief. They should be proud about it, call for it, implement it and pledge to Allah (SWT) to die for and on it. How many kuffar have embraced Islam when they see the Muslims insisting to implement their Deen and are seen to be proud about their own belief.

Allah (SWT) informed us of many psychological facts about the personalities of the kuffar and their mentality in the Qur’an in many places, so we must capitalise on these Islamic facts in our publicity and the call and dawah. Verily we have greater weapons in this propaganda war because our enemy have launched their attacks based on human views and concepts in order to affect us whereas we have divine facts about them which are not subject to debate. All we need to do is to transfer these facts from theory into action, and verily Allah (SWT) says:

Do the action and Allah (SWT) will reward you for it‘ [EMQ 3: 57 ]

So make the effort that Allah (SWT) asks you to make and leave the result in his hands, with full tawakkul in him (SWT).


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