Land of the Baby Killers

Britain has famously been labelled by many as the ‘nation of animal lovers’ – kind and considerate to those most in need – and with approximately 50% of households in the UK now owning pets (source: Friends of the Earth) one can confidently assume that such statements are not necessarily far from the truth.

Unfortunately, it seems as if infants and babies are exempt from this status quo with recent events highlighting the sinister undercurrent of Britain’s younger population. Shocking incidents of physical abuse have left much of the population in disbelief forcing many to question the circumstances that have led to such cruel actions.

‘Baby P’ is an example that truly demonstrates the gravity of the situation in hand. How is it that a 17-month old infant was subjected to such brutal and sustained abuse, culminating in the eventual death of a child who had his whole life to look forward to? Post-mortem analysis of ‘Baby P’ cited disturbing discoveries which included: eight broken ribs and a broken back; a deep tear to the left ear lobe; blackened fingers and toes with several nails ‘missing’; a dislodged tooth later discovered in the colon (digestive system).

James Howson, 25, of Doncaster adds more depth to this unfolding picture, a father who satiated his instincts by snapping the spine of his own 16-month old daughter; and who can forget Delayno and Romario Mullings: two young brothers, who had their young lives, brought crashing to an end by single stab wounds to the chest?

However appalling these incidents may appear their horror is truly dwarfed by the 185,000 infanticides (abortions) performed on residents of England and Wales every year (many for cosmetic reasons), bringing the final death toll of Britain’s child population to a scale bordering unthinkable.

It is evident that Britain’s social fabric is tearing at the seams – so what is the problem?

Although isolated incidents may occur as a result of individual behaviour, the vast majority of cases are in one form or another influenced by the society that surrounds them; audio-visual pollution in the UK is rife, with pointlessly violent films gushing from media outlets e.g. ‘Saw V’ coupled with the highly un-Islamic atmosphere one can undoubtedly draw a link between the sadistic nature of certain crimes and the environment in which the criminal grew up in.

The punishment system in the UK is also heavily to blame. It is clear that Britain’s ‘lock up the problem’ policy is not having any positive impact on the statistics but rather provides an incentive to would be murderers to commit crimes knowing full well that probation is just around the corner.

Another significant dilemma facing the British population is the lack of understanding of individual roles and responsibilities. Due to an absence of a divine criterion, parents frequently neglect their responsibilities towards their siblings and furthermore do not fear the repercussions of withholding their rights.

So what is the solution?

Ultimately a divine solution is needed for Britain’s problems and that divine solution is Al-Islaam.

Islam is unique in the sense that it provides comprehensive solutions, affecting both individual and environment. Under the Shari’ah (Islamic law) all media outlets will be filtered according to divine regulations, preventing any immoral or inappropriate behaviour from inseminating the population, quite different from Britain’s BBC monitoring service which has recently been tarnished by the Russell Brand fiasco.

Furthermore, the punishment system in Islam will act as a decisive deterrent prompting would be criminals to think twice before they act: combine this with the certainty of hell-fire (for those who manage to dodge punishment in this life) and you can ensure that crime will be significantly reduced.

Islam is also critical in educating the masses so that they are aware of their roles and responsibilities. A brief illustration of the rights of the child (for Muslims parents in Islam) will provide a good insight into the superiority of the Shari’ah:

Rights of the Child:

1) The right of breastfeeding

Until the child gain its senses (sight/hearing) the mother will be obliged to provide her child milk.

2) To show happiness when the child is born

This is demonstrated in the form of an aqiqah:

Hafsah bint Abdur Rahman (RA) narrated that they asked the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) about the aqiqah and he ordered, “For the girl slaughter 1 calf and for the boy 2 calves.” [Sahih Tirmizhi, chapter 4, hadith number 96-97]

Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d. 751 CE) said regarding the aqiqah, “It is slaughtering for the child and there is no better moment or sweeter thing than the child.”

3) Zikrullah – the adhaan

When the child is born the father will declare the adhaan in the presence of the baby.

4) Choosing a good name

In Islam names which are in accordance with the shari’ah will be selected as opposed to ones which are not.

It is recorded that a woman called ‘Aasiyyah (disobedient) came to the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) and he changed her name to Jameela. [Sahih Muslim, volume 3, page 1686]

5) Teaching the child what is known in the Islam by necessity

Every child will be equipped with a basic understanding of the Deen of Al-Islaam and the parents will be obliged to provide access to it.

6) To prepare the child for the future

Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d. 751 CE) said, “It is a duty upon the parents to help the children to facilitate them in their lives, to encourage them to be businessmen or to carry on with life without the need for others.”

7) To get them married

Children will be encouraged and aided by their parents in getting married when they are ready.

Imam Shaafi (RH) said, “It is obligatory on the father to marry off his children, especially the women among them and a duty to find her a good husband and recommended to find his son a good wife to marry.”

8) Food

All parents will be obliged to provide their children with enough food to meet their needs.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said, “It is enough sin that you do not feed someone you are responsible for.” [Abu Dawood]

9) Clothing

Parents will be obliged to make at-tanowar (distinction in gender) wal tamayyuz (distinction in responsibility and role) between their children. Hence for example, daughters will be distinguished by ear-rings and boys by masculine clothing from a young age.

10) Shelter

Adequate housing must be provided for all children.

11) Medicine

Should any of the children fall ill their parents will be obliged to provide medicine until they are cured.

Indeed, Islam can comprehensively solve the problems of the UK and undoubtedly the recent spate of killings highlight the failure of Western capitalism in solving its current crisis as well as stress that patchwork answers will never provide long-term solutions.

It was widely though that horrific incidences like that of Jamie Bulger in 1993 could never be repeated, however this recent example of ‘Baby P’ unfortunately reminds us that as long as man-made law is governing the society of Britain, such crimes are unlikely to cease.


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