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The Political Idea and Method in Capitalism

December 6, 2008

The idea upon which politics in the capitalist bloc is based is the spread of capitalism which detaches religion from life’s affairs. Although in conflict amongst themselves, all capitalist countries seek to spread the capitalist intellectual leadership and to make its viewpoint dominate the entire world.

Colonialism, the enforcement of political, military, cultural and economic control over the weak nations in order to exploit them, is the method employed by the western bloc to spread capitalism. In spite of the change of governments and laws in the western countries this method remains unaltered. It is incorrect to say that colonialism is the highest stage of capitalism, as Lenin has stated. For colonialism is an essential part of capitalism and the method by which this ideology is spread throughout the whole world.

Consequently, one can say that the foreign policy of the western bloc is fixed in both its idea and method, and is free from any influence of the conflict occurring between the western countries. Britain, the U.S.A., France, Italy and the remaining western countries all seek to colonise other nations so as to spread capitalism.

To understand the method employed by the western bloc, one has to recognise that this method develops with time. The change in the means of colonialism is one such example of this development, and so too is the making of colonialism an objective rather than a method.

A New Colonialism

In the modern imperialist policy, the western countries have abandoned resorting to military occupation and have replaced it by other newer means. In addition to the exertion of political pressure and harassment, the U.S. for instance, has started to use her assistance in so called development projects; uses American experts who are present in many countries, and also uses loans, as the new means of colonialism. Britain too has developed some new means of colonising, such as the recruitment of agents, British intelligence, loans, suspicious trade deals and reliance on its agents amongst the leaders of other countries. Beside all these means, Britain still adheres to the use of force and the construction of military bases in its colonies or in close proximity to them.

As an illustration of how colonialism has become an objective rather than a method, one can refer to the fierce conflict between the capitalist colonialist countries to exploit Africa. The Congo crisis which lasted for several years illustrates very clearly the wild avarice and greed of the colonialist countries to exploit this continent, as does the Rhodesian crisis which set free the hands of the British to exploit it. However, in spite of all this, colonialism is still the method used by the west to spread capitalism and western civilisation.

Actually, means such as schools, universities and missionary activities cannot be effectively used unless the colonisation of other countries by the west is achieved first.

British Plans In Muslim Lands

As for the political plans and styles, they vary according to the colonialist interests of the country. Of the two, the latter is more variable than the former. In examining international politics one can define the political plan as a general policy drawn to achieve certain objectives related to the spread of the ideology or its method, whereas the means is a specific field used to implement the plan and maintain its achievements. For example, the political plan drawn by Britain to rule the muslim world after she had divided it and made these divisions deeply embedded, was to join the muslim countries in various confederations, and to link these confederations with a mere spiritual bond called the Islamic League. Libya, Algeria, Tunis and Morocco would form the North Africa confederation, which would preserve the internal independence and international identity of each country. The Nile Valley Union would consist of Egypt and Sudan. Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine (after the removal of the name Israel) would form the Fertile Crescent confederation. The Arabian Peninsula state would include Saudi Arabia, North and South Yemen and the Gulf Sheikhdoms. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia would remain as single units. A conference similar to the African Unity Conference with a permanent secretariat would link these confederations and units by a spiritual bond, the Islamic League. The conference would meet annually and take upon its shoulders the responsibility for solving any problems in these countries.

Britain employed various means to accomplish this plan. She managed to convert King Faisal, who was an American agent to her camp by tempting him with leadership of the aforementioned conference. Responding to this temptation King Faisal paid visits to various muslim countries in order to achieve this objective. Britain also managed to expel America from Morocco and Algeria. She worked to bring the North African states closer to each other and eased the way for them to form the confederation. Now Britain is working to quickly bring into existence the confederation of the Fertile Crescent. To establish the state of the Arabian Peninsula, she worked to unite the Gulf Sheikhdoms. She subsequently left Aden and gave her independence, she expelled America from North Yemen by forcing out Egypt and the Egyptian army, and recruited covert agents to work in Yemen. Other means employed by Britain to achieve her plan for the muslim world was the dependence on agents from among the people of the muslim countries, the establishment of regimes which are ostensibly democratic and in reality dictatorial, deluding the people to take regional independence as an objective and to use this policy of forming confederations as the means to keep these regions separate.

American Plan For Germany

Another example is the plan drawn by the U.S. to perpetuate the division of Germany and to prevent her from becoming once again a threatening force to her neighbours and others. In order to keep West and East Germany as two independent countries with the consent of the German people themselves, the U.S. wanted to form a federal or a confederal state of the two. By this method, she would have satisfied the Germans desire for unity and at the same time ensured Germany remained divided. To stop the return of Austria and other territories to Germany, that were annexed and given to countries like Russia and Poland, the U.S. adamantly opposed any investigation of the borders of East Germany and sought to keep this issue confined solely between the two sides of Germany. As for Berlin, the U.S. wanted to make it a third country and then join it with the other sides in a federal state. To accomplish this plan the U.S. employed various means. Firstly, she wanted to remove from the mind of West Germany, the idea of severing relations with any country that might recognise East Germany. Then she wanted to reduce the gap between both sides by signing trade agreements. She showed her support for West Germany in its right to West Berlin. She tried to bring both sides of Germany to the table to discuss travelling between them. She wanted West Germany to sign the agreement of nuclear disarmament. Finally, she limited the extent to which West Germany could reach her policy of establishing its military industry and rebuilding the German army.

Soviet Plan in The Far East

A third example is the plan drawn by Russia for the Far East. Russia wanted to keep China away from the Indian Ocean and to stop her expansion in South East Asia. She also wanted to isolate China by distancing North Korea and North Vietnam from her and allowing the U.S. to keep her presence deeply penetrated in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Russia employed several means to achieve her plan. Firstly, she established within China a powerful group calling for peaceful co-existence with the U.S. This forced Mao Tsetung to resist this strong group. This resistance – known as the cultural revolution – paralysed the external activities of China for more than two years. Russia also embraced the question of North Vietnam and started to supply her with weapons and to back her international affairs. Finally, she tried to bring close together North Korea and North Vietnam. Thus, it followed different means to achieve its plan.

Changing The Political Plans And Means

It is clear form the above examples that the political plans and means are laid down for direct actions. However, it is not unlikely that a state may replace her present styles by new ones if she finds that the old styles fail to achieve the desired objectives. Equally, the state may change its plan if it finds that its plan is no longer fruitful and causes difficulties which work against the interests of the country.

However, when the state changes its plan it replaces it by another, and when it abandons one means it adopts another. The state does not stop planning and developing its means unless it becomes weak and declines from its status in the international arena. Italy after the Second World War being an example of such a case.

For instance, Britain initially planned to divide the Islamic world into various states and confederations, she then changed this plan choosing to split the Islamic world into an Arab world and a Muslim world. She then again changed her plan to establish instead the organisation of the Islamic Conference.

The initial American plan drawn up for Germany was to stir up German militarism and make West Germany a republic. She then changed this plan to weaken West Germany and to form a union between West and East Germany and limit her rearmament.

The old Russian plan for the Far East was to cleanse it from the presence of the west and at the same time encourage China to expand in South East Asia and to become active in the Indian Ocean. She then changed this plan and began to work against China to engulf her and to limit her vital sphere of influence.

Similarly, like the political plans, the means also undergoes changes. Britain in her plan to colonise the Muslim world used to depend on political pacts and military bases. She abandoned these means and started to use small loans, economic agreements, arms deals and assisted her agents to attain power in the Muslim countries as a new means of colonialism. The U.S. in her colonialist policy used to rely on alliances, military bases, and economic projects, then would weaken her presence in the alliances and diminished her dependence on arms deals. Then she began to give more emphasis to loans and economic agreements. Russia, in her plans, used to depend on the communist parties of the world. She then started to depend on her embassies, state machinery, arms deals and loans.

From this explanation of the idea on which policies are based, the method by which they are carried out and the political plans and means, the Muslims must be absolutely in no doubt that both blocs – East and West – neither alter their political idea nor their method. They only change their plans and means and replace them by new ones to help spread their ideologies. The destruction of these plans and means would condemn to failure the objectives for which these plans were drawn. Thus, the political struggle must be directed against these plans and means, to expose and resist them, and simultaneously against the political idea and method. Accordingly, it is incumbent on the Muslims to familiarise themselves with the plans drawn by each country and the means used to achieve them.


The reports about the use of child labour in Pakistani industries highlights yet another problem facing the “Third world” is actually a construction of the west ands that the barbarity of forcing children to work is simply meeting the demands and needs of western industries and the kufr system of capitalism.

For example many carpets sold in this country are imported from Pakistan. It is estimated that 500,000 children between the ages of four and fourteen are working in the carpet industry alone. The cramped working conditions often result in severe health defects whereby children’s growth is stunted, spines are curved and many of them develop arthritis. Wages within child labour are pitiful, for example children are paid 10p to make famous brand footballs which sell in this county for £50 each.

The cheap and efficient labour these children provide contributes e to the so called “improvement” of Pakistan‘s economy which is enjoying the fruits of an increasing amount of foreign trade and investment. This has not only pleaded the apostate government but has also won the approval of the kufr IMF (the expert organisation in the exploitation of developing countries) which has given Pakistan `a pat in the back’ for being one of the most ‘successful’ developing nations.

The issue of our children being used as tools in economic reform is something that when speaking officially, Pakistan‘s leaders condemn and deplore, “speaking candidly they consider the practice a distasteful but unavoidable part of an emerging economy”. This “emerging” economy is a result of the Pakistani governments aspirations to a western capitalist system which has proved to be inadequate in providing citizens with basics such as food, clothing and shelter.

The failure of this system is evident in Pakistan as it continues to face mass poverty, an illiterate population, limited health care, poor housing and an economic structure that is diseased with corruption and bribery.

Also the feudal system in Pakistan ensure that the ownership of land is controlled by an elite of rich landlords who exploit the poor. Instead of wealth circulation in society, the rich simply get richer and the poor get poorer.

The reality of Pakistan‘s governing system is that it has created a political, social and economic nightmare. Successive governments have tried to impose capitalism on what is a medieval or feudal society. The majority of people in Pakistan ie the poor, have been unable to adjust to the demands of the modern society and thus we see mayhem in all aspects of life. The failure of Pakistan clearly lies in the root of the country’s economics stem from the political system. By looking at this we can see the problem in its entirety. No amount of diplomacy and political strategy can create stability in a civilisation resting on other than the foundations of Islam. Enough of weak man – made systems! The only solution to this problem is returning to the political system that Pakistan was originally created for, namely the Khilafah ruling system.

This system would eradicate the exploitation of children and emancipate the poor from the slavery which is imposed upon them by the rich. Muslim children would no longer have to take on the responsibility of the state to provide every citizen with food, clothing and shelter. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “The son of Adam has no better right than to have some bread and water, a piece of cloth to cover his nakedness and shelter”.

Allah (SWT) has also forbidden the hoarding of wealth:-

“And those who hoard up gold and silver and spent not in the way of Allah announce to them a painful chastisement.” (EMQ 9:34)

And Allah (SWT) has commanded that circulation of wealth is a duty:-

“Whatsoever Allah may restore unto his apostle, the orphans and the needy… so that it may not be confined to the rich amongst you” (EMQ 59:7)

Only the Islamic political system can curb the problems of political corruption and bribery that we see in Pakistan. Ruling will be restricted to the Islamic text and the Islamic text only. Allah (SWT) says: “Those who do not rule by what Allah has revealed are the disbelievers” (EMQ 5:4 )

Wherever man has taken it upon himself to make the laws he has only produced decay, destruction and despair. Islam is not the regressive system that it is portrayed as but rather its the only system that is progressive. It is a system that ruled for over 1300 years and above all, it is a duty upon us as Muslims to make Allah’s rule sovereign. Oh Ummah of Mohammed (SAW) fulfil your duty and free the ummah from the shackles it is chained by. Remove the kufr regimes in Muslim lands and replace them with Allah’s deen.


Marriages – “Until Death Do us Part…”

December 6, 2008

“The video is mine, the television is yours, the car is definitely mine, the CDs are yours…”

When problems arise between a husband and a wife in Western society, it quickly results in pettiness as to who owns what. Even here one can smell the stench of capitalism….

Marriage in society today has very little meaning and has become just another commercial activity – how nice the church was, how beautiful the flowers were, and the dress! Unbelievable! The main essence of the marriage is lost and phrases like ‘to love and to obey’, ‘in sickness and in health’, ‘till death do us part’ have become but empty pledges.

‘Faithfulness’ and ‘loyalty’ has disappeared as marriage is no longer a loving relationship between husband and wife alone. From hiring strippers, attending clubs which have nude ‘table dancing’, having secret affairs, to open adultery, this degraded society accepts such filth under banners of ‘pleasure’, ‘light entertainment’ and it is even called ‘healthy for the marriage’! An example of this is the rise of the number of ‘Swinger’s Clubs’, where husbands and wives attend as a couple and interact with other couples, in order to ‘wife-swap’ and engage in open adultery.

Furthermore, responsibility and commitment towards the marriage relationship has declined as more and more couples fail to understand the purpose of leading a ‘tedious’ married life. The roles and duties of a husband and wife are currently ambiguous and confusing, and they are causing immense disillusion.

In their crusade for equality, couples today try to split all aspects within the marriage equally, i.e. domestic chores, employment, child rearing and financial issues, to the last decimal point. Not realising the injustice and increased burden they are placing on themselves, wives today continue to endeavour to juggle responsibilities such as bringing home her share of the home income, being a ‘good’ wife, a ‘successful’ mother, a prosperous homemaker and an efficient host. These multiple burdens placed on women are far too heavy for many of them, resulting in psychological problems and long term mental and health illnesses.

Why is it that such social problems exist in this so-called liberated, civilised ‘Western Society’, the one in which people from all over the world strive to live in? Why is it that wherever we look, man and woman cannot live peacefully in harmony with each other, whether it be in the workplace or in the home?

The answer to this is simple. When the way to lead our lives is left for us to decide, and thus human reason defines the nature of man and woman and what roles they are supposed to play in life, we will without doubt encounter severe hardship in society, which we witness today. In the same way that a plant relies on external sources not in its control (such as water, temperature, climate and light) in order to thrive, we need guidance and a system from our Creator in order to live our lives successfully.

Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an:

“And among his signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” [EMQ 30:21]

He (SWT) has ordained us to live in harmony together, and thus He (SWT) has given us the mechanism to do this, by defining our roles for us, as husband and as wife.

In Islam the wife has the right to have her basic material needs met. Whatever she needs in order to fulfil her role as a wife, the husband must provide it for her. The maintenance of her and her children is to be provided for by her husband, and this includes adequate shelter.

“Men are protectors and maintainers of women because Allah (SWT) has given the one more strength than the other, and because they support them from their means.” [EMQ 4:34]

In the West the relationship between husband and wife is governed by the concept of freedom and thus there are no restrictions or boundaries in the way they choose to interact with each other or with others. Socialising for them without any inhibitions is a norm, for example, many husbands are amused and entertained whilst watching their wives talk, flirt and flaunt with other men. They feel proud and flattered that other men find her attractive and sexy, and that she is so popular.

Contrary to the Western concepts, the wife in Islam is not considered as a sex object or an extension of one’s trophy cabinet, to be looked at, admired and touched. Rather she is looked upon with high regard and is considered an honour, which needs to be protected and dignified. The believing men and women are restricted from gazing at one the opposite sex, thus closing the gateway that may lead to further unlawful actions. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, ‘The zina (fornication and adultery) of the legs is walking towards an unlawful act, the zina of the hands is touching and patting, and the zina of the eyes is casting passionate glances at those who are forbidden to you.’

Just as every establishment needs a ‘head’, the boss who has the final say so that decisions are made and so that the establishment runs smoothly, every household also needs a leader. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said, ‘Each of you is a guardian and is responsible for his ward. The ruler is a guardian (over his people), a man is a guardian of the members of his household, and a woman is guardian and responsible for her husband’s house and his off-spring, and so each of you is a guardian and is responsible for his ward.’ (Bukhari, Muslim)

Thus in Islam, this final say is given to the husband and he becomes the ‘Amir’ (leader) of his household. The wife therefore obeys her husband in all areas permitted by Islam. The good husband however, will always take consultation from his partner in life, for just like a good manager, he will want his establishment (his home) to prosper. Also, as he has the responsibility for the final decisions, so he takes the accountability that comes with this. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), has said, ‘The best among you is the one who is the best to his wife.’ (Tirmidhi)

It is an unfortunate and shameful fact that today, many rights that have been afforded to Muslim women by Allah (SWT), the Creator, have been denied to her by men. This is largely due to the fact that many Muslim men have embraced Western culture, extracted what they feel is to their advantage, and have used this to oppress women. Consequently many people seeing this wrongly attribute this oppression to Islam. We need to therefore educate ourselves about Islam, and realise that it is man-made law which Muslims as well as non-Muslims continue to submit to, (rather than to submitting to the laws of our Creator), that results in the oppression and turmoil we behold today.

Islam has defined the roles, rights and duties of the husband and wife and does not leave any room for conflict, discrimination, exploitation and confrontation between them, as is the case in other ways of life. Instead the rights and duties of a husband and wife compliment each other perfectly, because the one who defined them is the One who is Perfect, Allah (SWT), the Creator of humanity and who is the Most-Knowing. Abiding by these rules is obligatory upon both the husband and wife and is considered an act of worship.

“And it befits not a believing man and a believing woman that they should have any choice in the matter when Allah and His apostle have decided a matter. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Apostle, he surely strays off a manifest straying.” [EMQ 33:36]

Education, A Mothers Perspective

December 6, 2008

Written by a concerned sister

As a Muslim woman and mother living in this kufr society, it is difficult for me to go by my day-to-day practises without being exposed to some kind of kufr. It’s hard enough to refrain from looking at it, let alone explain to my two-and-a-half year old daughter that not everyone is a Muslim. Al-Hamdulillah though, she knows the difference between a kaafir and a Muslim. Some days she’ll stand at the window telling me she’s looking at the kaafir go by. Other days when I speak to her about Sheikh Usaamah, she’ll think about it and reply with ‘Go away kaafir’, and raise her hand as if to hit someone.

Times are getting more and more difficult for the Muslims, with our brothers and sisters being arrested up and down the country. The hatred towards Muslims is blatant, yet we still choose to leave our children in the hands of the kuffaar. How can we say ‘Laa ilaaha illallaah’ and allow our children to be educated (and dictated) by the kuffaar in school everyday? With the introduction in the last few years of Citizenship into the Curriculum, we are allowing our children to be taught that they must give allegiance to the Queen, and have hatred towards our great scholars and Mujaahideen.

In English, as part of GCSE, they must study Shakespeare, whose books are full of homosexuality, fornication and adultery, each of which are great sins in Islam.

When we allow them to do PE, they must expose parts of their awrah as a ‘safety measurement’. In Religious Education, come Christmas time, our children are taught how to sing Christmas Carols, and come Halloween they are indoctrinated with ghosts and spooks, whereas in Islam we believe that the Jinns are created by Allah (swt). They worship and obey Him, as we as Muslims should, and they cannot harm us unless we harm them. Aside of this, each year they are taught about Diwali, Hanukkah, Vaisakhi and Chinese New Year, to name but a few.

Allah (swt) has informed us that it is prohibited to teach our children anything other than the deen of Islam until the age of seven, after which, anything that they are taught, is solely for the reason of refutation and nothing else.

The amount of things our children are indoctrinated with are unbelievable.Once, before I started practising, I went on a school trip with some five-year olds whom a member of my family used to teach, and in the coach, I was sitting in front of one girl who had two boys next to her. She was telling them what she intimately wanted to do to them. A’oodhubillah! Only recently, someone I know was talking about something in her school, and she mentioned that a girl in her school had a boyfriend. The first incident was almost ten years ago now, yet both events are related, as they were a result of the kufr taught in schools. In Islam, we separate the two genders for this very reason, yet we are labelled backwards. Realise sisters, that the child that you think is ‘safe’ in the hands of the kuffaar, is being indoctrinated with kufr day by day. Ask yourselves, how aware are you of what your child gets up to at school?

At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own children. After all, why have children if you’re going to put them into school at the age of three and a half, and in the hands of the kuffaar?! They are enemies of Allah, yet we think that education is the best way forward for our children; it may be so, but what kind of education? Even the so-called Islamic school nowadays are full of kufr.

We need to ask ourselves what we want our children to be when they grow up. Do we want them to be great scholars like Imaam Abu Haneefah (ra) and ‘Aa-ishah bint Abee Bakr (ra) or pop stars and film stars? Do we want them to be like Usaamah bin Zayd and Khaled ibn Waleed or the next Michael Jackson or David Beckham?

It is time that the Muslims woke up and began taking interest in their children’s lives. For every word they speak and every action they take is based on what they have been taught by either what they have been taught at school or by what they are being taught at home. Let it be that latter my dear sisters. Let it be the future for our children and not their failure.

Attack on the Muslimah

December 6, 2008

The Kuffaar (unbelievers), continuing in their onslaught against Islam and Muslims, have adopted a new strategy designed to distort the mind of the Muslim woman in order to destroy her and the family unit. The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) informed us that ‘the Muslim woman is the backbone of the Ummah,’ yet the Kuffaar have still managed to infiltrate the mind of the Muslim woman and have distorted the image of her role as defined by Allah (SWT).

There are many enemies of the Muslimah ranging from the Shaytaan to the Jews, Christians, Mushriks and secularists, who carry the same aim which is to poison her mind with the filth and oppression that the Western woman faces today. Under the guise of liberty and freedom, the Muslim woman is preyed upon by the media and various educational institutes as well as the national curriculum, from a very young age. With this, several strategies and tools are used as conspiracies to poison her mind so that she is no longer happy with her primary roles, such as being a mother or housewife; rather, she too wants to be subjected to humiliation and degradation in the current society in which we live.

Conspiracies against Muslim women

New magazines are introduced with the aim of replacing the righteous role models, such as the Sahaabiyaat (female Companions), to the pop icons and catwalk models of today. These same magazines promote the cosmetic industry and ideas such as beauty, fashion and ‘the successful business woman’, and carry ideas and slogans such as ’sex with the same man everyday is boring,’ giving an open advert for adultery and promiscuity, which is totally forbidden in Islam.

They aim to distort the picture of the Muslim husband and compare it to the Western man. They promote the Muslim husband as one who doesn’t allow his wife to have a ‘life’ and portray him as having a backward and old fashioned mentality, claiming that his thoughts and views have no value in social life today. Little do they realise that the true Muslimah already clearly understands the hadeeth which says, ‘The woman whose husband is pleased with her when she dies can go to Paradise through any gate she wishes.

’The Kuffaar design programmes to get Muslim women back into mainstream education, an education which focuses on “Britishness” and ways to adopt its culture and Western (kufr) values. Yet the true Muslimah understands that her identity is directly linked to her belief; thus, her identity can never be the same as the Kaafirah (disbeliever), and if it is, then she has clear signs of weakness in her Imaan. The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) informed us that, ‘He is not from us who imitates the Kuffaar.

’They use soaps to befog the minds of the Muslim women in order to make her materialistic. They even go to extra lengths to translate these soaps into languages that the Muslim woman will understand in different parts of the world.

Housewives are offered ‘better’ alternatives such as education and entertainment and it is ensured that this entertainment is not in accordance to the Sharee’ah; for example, free-mixing is prevalent during the alternatives that are offered. The Muslimah, however, will understand the saying of the Nabi (SAW) when He said,

‘Oh men and women, separate yourselves; it is not allowed for you to be in the same place.’

Muslim women are repetitively informed about their rights in the West and told how they are free women and how they should not carry a slave-like mentality. Yet, how can this be possible when the Muslim, regardless of whether they are male or female, is a ’slave’ to the Almighty Allah?

The Muslimah is encouraged to call for equality alongside the men and she is frequently told that the religion she follows is biased. Yet, the true Muwahhidah (Monotheist) will know that if her Creator has decided something then she will submit to it willingly as she will understand the verse from the Qur’aan, Surah 33, verse 36: ‘It is not allowed for a believer, man or woman, to have any choice when Allah and His Messenger decide a matter.’

They portray the image of the mother/housewife as degrading and highlight the modern Western woman. They also try to instil into her mind that she doesn’t require the protection of any man and that her father/husband is not her ameer (leader and guardian) but someone who is equal to her.

They tell the Muslimah that the Muslim male is oppressive and ultimately Islam is to blame as he acts according to his beliefs. They fail to differentiate between culture, tradition and Deen, and promote Islam as a repressive way of life which is designed to suppress the needs of a woman by elevating the man.

Women are lured into fitness suites and gyms and told that slim bodies are attractive thus deterring them from wanting children as they become more interested in maintaining their figures. Yet, the true Muslimah will know that the Messenger (SAW) has told us that He (SAW) will be proud of those women on the Day of Judgement who marry and multiply their children, and she can still maintain her body as well as doing this!

Although only a few examples have been highlighted above, it has become obvious that the Kuffaar (and apostates) are prepared to go to any lengths to attempt to sabotage the mind of the Muslimah with their continuous conspiracies and rotten agendas. Yet, the true Muslimah will see straight through these lies and false perceptions and will understand the reality that there is no ideology on the planet Earth and no school of thought that exists today which honours the Muslim woman like Islam does.

She will understand and firmly believe that the Sharee’ah protects her as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt etc., and that Allah (SWT) has dignified her and given her a high status in the dunyaa. She will not succumb to the wishes of the non-Muslims and will continue to obey Allah (SWT) exclusively in all aspects of her life, be this in the public arena or the private arena, and will continue to establish the Word of Allah (SWT) until it becomes the highest.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said about the Muslim woman, ‘The whole world is a provision, and the best object of provision in this world is the pious woman.’

A comparison between Western marriages and Islamic marriages

December 6, 2008

Marriage is a significant event in one’s life as it involves beginning a new life with a lifelong companion, however its connotations, meaning and importance varies depending on from which perspective it is considered. In today’s Western society weddings are portrayed as ‘the big day’, an expensive and lavish affair devoid of any commitment. The differences between Western and Islamic marriages which will be elaborated on, will reveal that the former has contributed to many problems which exist in society whilst the latter is a source of comfort, harmony and happiness in society.

Western society does not promote marriage predominantly because it has no value seeing as morality has been replaced by instant self-gratification. Consequently sex before marriage, one-night stands and homosexuality have become the norm whilst marriage has become an undervalued institution. The British government has also failed to encourage people to marry, despite the chant of ‘back to basics’ slogans.

Marriage in the west is an extremely extravagant and expensive event. Services and products such as brides magazines, bridal suites designed specifically for weddings are popular as the idea that the wedding should live up to the image of the ‘big day’ is advertised. Weddings, like so many other events, has become a purely commercialised occasion. The purpose and importance of marriage has been demeaned as the wedding day has become the main centre of attention with little or no thought paid to the actual marriage itself.

It seems that the marriage itself is not expected to last because divorce is regarded as a highly probable event as more couples insist on pre-nuptial agreements. This fatalistic and negative attitude does not stop there as people do not want to commit themselves to another person by getting married, instead the ‘HIV test’ has become the new marriage. The HIV test is the twenty-first century form of commitment and is taken by couples who want to be ‘serious’. In order to manifest this ‘serious’ attitude to their partner, the HIV test is taken to show that each partner is coming clean and promising fidelity to each other and thus revealing to their partner that they have no intention to engage in promiscuity.

It is not only the West that has commercialised marriage as many countries in the third world have also imitated the west by focusing on organising expensive weddings. Weddings have become an ideal opportunity to show off one’s wealth and it seems that this has become the only purpose of the weddings. There is also a lot of pressure on people to conform to the expectation of having a very elaborate and costly wedding.

Countries like Pakistan have incorporated traditions and customs which are alien to Islam such as the bride’s family giving money to the grooms family, free mixing between males and females at the wedding ceremony and marrying people from a particular ‘caste’. As a result of adopting the capitalistic attitudes of the west and following non-Islamic traditions, many people in Muslim countries have encountered problems which have hindered the process of marriage or become obstacles in the way of marriage. Some of these problems include oppression of the poor as they cannot afford to give the dowry money, organise a huge wedding for a large number of people and buy costly jewellery and clothes.

The only means by which these problems can be completely eradicated is through the implementation of and adherence to Islam. The whole attitude and value of marriage in Islam is entirely different. Islam differs from monastic religions that condemn sex as a ‘sin of the flesh’ because it recognises that one of the basic instincts that appear in men and women is the urge to procreate and feel attraction to members of the opposite sex. Thus Islam has provided a method to channel and fulfil this instinct, giving detailed guidance which results in a system that is in harmony with human nature.

Islam forbids unmarried men and women from having intimate relationships outside marriage, whereas the west does not adopt this view and thus the consequences are manifestly apparent by the huge number of problems that exist including rape, abortion, infidelity, single parents, economic problems, depression, suicide, the emergence of AIDS and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Relationships between man and woman in Islam are based on a sense of responsibility and mutual respect, where there is no place for irresponsibility, immorality and exploitation. Allaah (swt) says, “And among his signs is this, that the created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts undoubtedly, in this are signs for those who reflect.” [EMQ 30: 21]

Marriage is highly recommended in Islam, especially for those who have the means to do so i.e. those possessing maturity, ability to support a wife etc. It is a noble action and Islam has praised those who engage in it. Anas bin Maalik reported that the messenger Muhammad (saw) said, “When a man gets married, he has fulfilled half of his Deen, so let him fear Allaah regarding the remaining half.”

The Prophet (saw) affirmed that Allaah (swt) will help those who married to preserve their chastity, saying, “There are three who have a right to the help of Allaah: the one who marries out of the desire to live a chaste life, the slave whose master has agreed to his buying his freedom when he wishes to pay the sum, and the one who fights in the cause of Allaah (swt).” (Ahmad, an-Nasaa-i, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Maajah, Al-Haakim)

The fact that Allaah (swt) has promised His help to those who marry for a good purpose means that it is not befitting for a Muslim to refrain from marriage out of fear of poverty or not being able to meet his obligations. A Muslim must make the effort to find the financial means to support a wife e.g. getting a job, borrowing money or obtaining it in other halaal ways and Inshaa-Allaah he will see the help of Allaah (swt). Allaah (swt) says: “And marry those among you who are single, and the virtuous ones among your slaves, male and female. If they are in poverty, Allaah will enrich them out of His bounty.” [EMQ 24: 32]

In Islam, the contract of marriage is called Nikaah. It is a contract between the man and woman of which all the pillars and conditions must be fulfilled for it to be correct and valid. The Nikaah is easy and simple, and does not require the spending of thousands and thousands of pounds in order for it to be valid. A part of the marriage agreement is the mahr (dowry) which is paid by the man to the woman and not reverse, as is the case in some other cultures.

This in itself removes many problems for families in the East. Quite often the arrival of a baby daughter in many Muslim families is met with contempt and derision because parents feel that when it is time for her to get married, they have to give money to the groom’s family, buy expensive jewellery and indulge in other costly purchases. It is quite clear that the implementation of Islam would effectively eradicate these problems as these trouble inducing practices are not a part of Islam but Eastern and capitalistic culture.

Islam recognises that there are physical and mental differences between man and woman. A husband and wife are companions for each other, and they have clearly defined roles within the family. The husband is responsible for the economic maintenance of the family and the wife is responsible for the management of the household. The woman’s wealth is her own and it is the husband’s responsibility to feed, clothe and shelter her and the family.

In Islam, marriage is a valid institution through which an unrelated man and woman can have an intimate relationship with each other. In the west having a relationship with any person before marriage is accepted, tolerated and promoted whilst marriage itself has become devalued. This is one of the reasons why society is in its current pathetic degraded state, afflicted with a vast range of problems and diseases. The source of these is ignored and not even examined, in lieu the problems are treated with temporary ‘solutions’ or just swept under the carpet and attributed to being a part of today’s modern, hectic and fact paced lifestyle. The only solution which would permanently remove these problems and ensure they do not re-occur, as well as injecting harmony, peace and justice to society in all areas of life not just in marriage, would be the implementation of Islam in its totality.

Allah made me Kaafir?

December 6, 2008

[EMQ 9:65-66] “If you ask them they declare, “We were only joking.” Say, “Was it Allah and His ayaat and His Messenger that you were mocking?” Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after you believed.”

Undoubtedly, the Muslim Ummah is currently facing a significant moment in its history where we find that the stereotypical portrayal of this nation as akin to humiliation is slowly ebbing away and shifting into one of elevation and dignity.

As a result of this we can see how the deep rooted grudge held in the hearts of the disbelievers has manifested itself in bitter attacks against the Deen of Islam and our beloved Messenger Muhammad (SAW), as has been witnessed from publications such as ‘The Jewel of Medina’ and the ‘satirical’ cartoons which sparked global outrage only two and half years ago.

The frustration of the disbelievers is further amplified knowing full well that they will eventually have to succumb to the uncompromising demands of the Muslim population – perhaps out of genuine fear of the Lions of Tawheed of this Ummah.

Unfortunately, there are some individuals within the Muslim communities in the UK who have taken it upon themselves to dent the Deen of Islam and facilitate the disbelievers in their global crusade against Islam and Muslims.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said, “A person may say a word to make people laugh and he will go with it far from heaven and into the hell-fire.” [Ahmed #8967]

Verily, the so-called Muslim comedians who draw on the Qur’an and Sunnah to make a wage and invoke laughter among the people are bordering on a very thin line between Islam and kufr (disbelief).

How is it that we see so-called Muslims so confident in ridiculing the Deen of Islam with no consideration of its repercussions in this life and the hereafter? Indeed, the mocking of the Deen of Allah (SWT) is one of the most heinous crimes and in some cases tantamount to apostasy.

One only needs to look individuals in the past such as Ka’b bin Ashraf to comprehend the gravity of ridiculing the Deen of Islam or the final Messenger Muhammad (SAW).

Undoubtedly, when one observes the content of certain ‘Muslim’ comedians, he or she will be left shocked, knowing full well that some of the proclamations are more blasphemous than the verbal attacks of the disbelievers themselves in recent years.

Unsurprisingly, we find that those who are closest to the disbelievers and most eager to integrate into the British system such as the ‘Islam Channel’ are also those foremost in peddling this filth into the Muslim communities, as has recently been witnessed in the ‘Global Peace and Unity Event’.

Indeed these people need to fear Allah (SWT) and stop their vile speech which is saturated in kufr, gheeba and nameema and know that if they continue diverting the Muslims from vital obligations such as da’wah and jihaad, and persist in mocking the Deen of Islam that they will incur the wrath of Allah (SWT) which we all (as Muslims) seek refuge from.

Land of the Baby Killers

December 6, 2008

Britain has famously been labelled by many as the ‘nation of animal lovers’ – kind and considerate to those most in need – and with approximately 50% of households in the UK now owning pets (source: Friends of the Earth) one can confidently assume that such statements are not necessarily far from the truth.

Unfortunately, it seems as if infants and babies are exempt from this status quo with recent events highlighting the sinister undercurrent of Britain’s younger population. Shocking incidents of physical abuse have left much of the population in disbelief forcing many to question the circumstances that have led to such cruel actions.

‘Baby P’ is an example that truly demonstrates the gravity of the situation in hand. How is it that a 17-month old infant was subjected to such brutal and sustained abuse, culminating in the eventual death of a child who had his whole life to look forward to? Post-mortem analysis of ‘Baby P’ cited disturbing discoveries which included: eight broken ribs and a broken back; a deep tear to the left ear lobe; blackened fingers and toes with several nails ‘missing’; a dislodged tooth later discovered in the colon (digestive system).

James Howson, 25, of Doncaster adds more depth to this unfolding picture, a father who satiated his instincts by snapping the spine of his own 16-month old daughter; and who can forget Delayno and Romario Mullings: two young brothers, who had their young lives, brought crashing to an end by single stab wounds to the chest?

However appalling these incidents may appear their horror is truly dwarfed by the 185,000 infanticides (abortions) performed on residents of England and Wales every year (many for cosmetic reasons), bringing the final death toll of Britain’s child population to a scale bordering unthinkable.

It is evident that Britain’s social fabric is tearing at the seams – so what is the problem?

Although isolated incidents may occur as a result of individual behaviour, the vast majority of cases are in one form or another influenced by the society that surrounds them; audio-visual pollution in the UK is rife, with pointlessly violent films gushing from media outlets e.g. ‘Saw V’ coupled with the highly un-Islamic atmosphere one can undoubtedly draw a link between the sadistic nature of certain crimes and the environment in which the criminal grew up in.

The punishment system in the UK is also heavily to blame. It is clear that Britain’s ‘lock up the problem’ policy is not having any positive impact on the statistics but rather provides an incentive to would be murderers to commit crimes knowing full well that probation is just around the corner.

Another significant dilemma facing the British population is the lack of understanding of individual roles and responsibilities. Due to an absence of a divine criterion, parents frequently neglect their responsibilities towards their siblings and furthermore do not fear the repercussions of withholding their rights.

So what is the solution?

Ultimately a divine solution is needed for Britain’s problems and that divine solution is Al-Islaam.

Islam is unique in the sense that it provides comprehensive solutions, affecting both individual and environment. Under the Shari’ah (Islamic law) all media outlets will be filtered according to divine regulations, preventing any immoral or inappropriate behaviour from inseminating the population, quite different from Britain’s BBC monitoring service which has recently been tarnished by the Russell Brand fiasco.

Furthermore, the punishment system in Islam will act as a decisive deterrent prompting would be criminals to think twice before they act: combine this with the certainty of hell-fire (for those who manage to dodge punishment in this life) and you can ensure that crime will be significantly reduced.

Islam is also critical in educating the masses so that they are aware of their roles and responsibilities. A brief illustration of the rights of the child (for Muslims parents in Islam) will provide a good insight into the superiority of the Shari’ah:

Rights of the Child:

1) The right of breastfeeding

Until the child gain its senses (sight/hearing) the mother will be obliged to provide her child milk.

2) To show happiness when the child is born

This is demonstrated in the form of an aqiqah:

Hafsah bint Abdur Rahman (RA) narrated that they asked the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) about the aqiqah and he ordered, “For the girl slaughter 1 calf and for the boy 2 calves.” [Sahih Tirmizhi, chapter 4, hadith number 96-97]

Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d. 751 CE) said regarding the aqiqah, “It is slaughtering for the child and there is no better moment or sweeter thing than the child.”

3) Zikrullah – the adhaan

When the child is born the father will declare the adhaan in the presence of the baby.

4) Choosing a good name

In Islam names which are in accordance with the shari’ah will be selected as opposed to ones which are not.

It is recorded that a woman called ‘Aasiyyah (disobedient) came to the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) and he changed her name to Jameela. [Sahih Muslim, volume 3, page 1686]

5) Teaching the child what is known in the Islam by necessity

Every child will be equipped with a basic understanding of the Deen of Al-Islaam and the parents will be obliged to provide access to it.

6) To prepare the child for the future

Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d. 751 CE) said, “It is a duty upon the parents to help the children to facilitate them in their lives, to encourage them to be businessmen or to carry on with life without the need for others.”

7) To get them married

Children will be encouraged and aided by their parents in getting married when they are ready.

Imam Shaafi (RH) said, “It is obligatory on the father to marry off his children, especially the women among them and a duty to find her a good husband and recommended to find his son a good wife to marry.”

8) Food

All parents will be obliged to provide their children with enough food to meet their needs.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said, “It is enough sin that you do not feed someone you are responsible for.” [Abu Dawood]

9) Clothing

Parents will be obliged to make at-tanowar (distinction in gender) wal tamayyuz (distinction in responsibility and role) between their children. Hence for example, daughters will be distinguished by ear-rings and boys by masculine clothing from a young age.

10) Shelter

Adequate housing must be provided for all children.

11) Medicine

Should any of the children fall ill their parents will be obliged to provide medicine until they are cured.

Indeed, Islam can comprehensively solve the problems of the UK and undoubtedly the recent spate of killings highlight the failure of Western capitalism in solving its current crisis as well as stress that patchwork answers will never provide long-term solutions.

It was widely though that horrific incidences like that of Jamie Bulger in 1993 could never be repeated, however this recent example of ‘Baby P’ unfortunately reminds us that as long as man-made law is governing the society of Britain, such crimes are unlikely to cease.

A Dummies Guide to the Credit Crunch

December 6, 2008

Oh you who believe! Fulfil (your) obligations (towards the lawful contracts and transactions you have made). [EMQ 5:2]

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 18 months you would no doubt have heard about the Credit Crunch. Many of the western economies are heading into recession (some analysts are predicting a repeat of the era of depression witnessed in the 1920’s) this article with briefly try to explain what exactly happened. I will not go into too much depth – rather I will highlight some of the main culprits.

From an Islamic perspective the culprit is obvious – Riba (usury or more commonly known as interest today). Allah (swt) clearly forbids usury yet the entire global financial world is driven by it.

Oh you who believe! Eat not Riba (usury) doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful. [EMQ 3:130]

Money does not have any real value anymore so it can ostensibly be created out of thin air – I will leave the discussion of money and it’s history for another article Inshallah.

Before explaining the credit crunch we need to understand the sub-prime mortgage crisis – which was the linchpin to this entire financial debacle.

Sub-Prime Mortgages

Since the millennium property prices have been on the rise at an alarmingly fast pace. On the surface, it was almost a no-lose investment and many people became very wealthy riding the wave. Now picture this…

Scenario 1: Joe Bloggs visits the mortgage broker

Joe Bloggs wants to buy a house he has bad-credit history, a few county court judgements against him, earns a minimum wage and can barely make ends meet. However, despite all of this he is determined to keep up with the Jones’s. He has seen so many inviting mortgage deals that he is sure that he can get a mortgage and become a landlord (This is not about Joe becoming a landlord but rather to own a home he can call his very own – which is everyone’s dream). So Joe visits one of the countless mortgage brokers that are advertising 100% mortgage deals. The conversation may go something like this… (this is flippant representation – but you’ll get the gist of what the real issues are)

Joe: Hello I would like to apply for a Mortgage. I live hand-to-mouth so I don’t have any savings for a deposit, I also don’t think I can make the repayments. Is there any chance I can get a mortgage?

Mortgage Broker. Of course Joe! Houses prices always go up so we really don’t need a down payment anymore. In fact we can offer you a 100% mortgage; we can even get you a really low interest rate for a few years to help you out early on, after that it will go up. Is that OK?

Joe: Yes that sounds good but I do have one other issue and that is that I am on a minimum wage and the house that I want is way out of my financial reach. My employer will only verify how much I really earn. Not how much I would like to say I earn. Is there any way you can help me with this situation?

Mortgage Broker: Don’t worry about that. We have ways of getting around that issue – if you catch my drift (nudge nudge wink wink).

Joe: Fantastic! Lets get started. I really appreciate you people working with guys like me.

Mortgage Broker: No problem Joe. We don’t actually lend you the money its the banks that do all that stuff.

Mortgage Broker (thinking): We really don’t care whether you can pay back the loan or not. We’re only brokers and will still get our commission come rain or shine. Banks will lend money to anyone these days. What Joe doesn’t know is that maybe for 2 years he will pay 1 or 2% interest on his loan. He may well be able to afford to do that. However, after this it will rise to around 8% (and quite possibly go a lot higher). That would really hurt Joe. Soon he will be in negative equity – where the amount you owe is greater than the value of your property. It won’t be long before he defaults on his loan obligations.

Scenario 2: This time we are at the offices of the lending banks.

Banker 1: Gosh we have had a lot of bad mortgages on our books – they are not prime candidates. In fact they are sub-prime candidates. I didn’t think that so many would default on the mortgages. We need a way to get our revenues up.

Banker 2: I know…why don’t we contact the smart investment bankers in Wall Street and sell these bad debts to them. They’ll know what to do with them and we’ll all be quids in.

Banker 1: Good idea. I’ll do that right away. Remember in the real world there are countless Joes and many Banks eager to lend. These bad loans have built up to billions of pounds worth of debt.

Scenario 3: At the offices of the Investment Banks in Wall Street

Junior Investment Banker: Gosh! We have bought a lot of toxic mortgage debt. What are we going to do with it?

Senior Investment Banker: Don’t you worry. I have a plan.

Junior Investment Banker: Really…What is it?

Senior Investment Banker: Listen up. First we’ll take all these mortgages and turn them into security – something that we can sell to other investors. We’ll call this type of security a CDO – Collateralised Debt Obligation.

Junior Investment Banker: A What?!

Senior Investment Banker: It’s a fancy term for packaging these bad mortgages in such a way that will make it easier for us to sell on. We can use these bad loans as a guarantee (collateral) and tell our investors that as the mortgages are paid off so will they. They should receive money every month.

Junior Investment Banker: But who would want to buy this rubbish. It would be a really bad investment. No?

Senior Investment Banker: Yes, as it currently stands. But we both know that only a certain percentage of people will default. So we can segment these mortgages and sell each segment to different types of investors.

Junior Investment Banker: You mean it’s a bit like slicing a cake horizontally. The top portion is the ‘good investment’. The middle portion is the ‘ok’ investment. And the bottom slice is ‘rubbish’. The top slice will pay the least amount of interest with the bottom slice paying the most. So depending on what slice you buy determines how much risk there is which determines the return you get on your investment.

Senior Investment Banker: Exactly. But just to make it more complicated we’ll call each slice a ‘traunch’. Not only that. We know that some people will default on their mortgage. We’ll promise to pay the investors holding the “good” investment first, the “Ok” investment 2nd and so on.

Junior Investment Banker: I’m starting to understand this.

Senior Investment Banker: Wait! It gets better. We can buy insurance (credit default swap) for the ‘good’ investment. That way the credit rating agencies will rate these investments as ‘AAA’. We all know when something is rated as ‘AAA’ it’s regarded as a no-lose investment. They will probably also rate the ‘ok’ investment as ‘BBB’ which is still pretty darn good.

Junior Investment Banker: Gosh, you’re a genius. You have taken a pile of rubbish and turned it into a 1st rate AAA graded investment.

Senior Investment Banker: Yes, I know.

Junior Investment Banker: So who are we going to fool, erm I mean sell this too.

Senior Investment Banker: Well, we can sell them to other banks, hedge funds and countries like Iceland. At this point I would like to point out that there are a lot of things that I have not explained – space does not permit me. For example how credit default swaps work, how off-shore accounts in the Caymen Islands were used to hide bad debt and a raft of many other things that created this mess. Suffice to say that from the tongue-and-cheek fictitious conversation above you should have an idea of what when on.

Scenario 4: A few years later. An Icelandic investor who bought the CDO ‘good’ investment calls the investment bank. The conversation may go something like this…

Icelandic Investor: Hey, I’ve stopped receiving my monthly payments from that ‘good’ CDO AAA investment you sold us.

Senior Investment Banker (Wall St): Erm, yeah. I meant to call you about that. It seems that the people who backed that investment i.e. the mortgage payers have defaulted on their mortgages.

Icelandic Investor: Hold your horses! We bought the AAA CDO from you. You promised us that even if some people defaulted we’d still get paid first.

Senior Investment Banker (Wall St): Yeah. That was the theory. Unfortunately the loans were a lot worse than we thought. So there is very little cash coming in. That’s why you have stopped receiving your monthly returns. We are pretty disappointed too. We made a mistake.

Icelandic Investor: But you told me that house prices always go up and the people can always refinance the equity they have in their homes.

Senior Investment Banker (Wall St): That was a mistake too. Sorry about that.

Icelandic Investor: Sorry. Is that all you can say?! These CDO’s were AAA rated by the credit rating agencies weren’t they?

Senior Investment Banker (Wall St): Yep. They made a mistake as well.

Icelandic Investor: What about insurance? Weren’t they supposed to be insured?

Senior Investment Banker (Wall St): Are you crazy? There is no way that these insurers can pay-up. The only reason they insured the CDOs in the first place was to get the premium. And they thought nothing would go wrong. To them it was free money, I guess they messed up too.

Icelandic Investor: Well that’s just great. What am I supposed to tell my people? Due to your greed and dishonesty our country is on the verge of bankruptcy….

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. If you can imagine that this is happening with Trillions of dollars of debt in almost every 1st world country you’ll get to appreciate the size of the problem. It’s not just countries but other hedge funds, banks and insurance companies that are suffering too.

Of course with the lying, deception and cheating that these banks perpetrated liquidity in the markets dried up. None of the banks trusted each other and it became difficult to do business. Remember banks buy and sell money i.e. they borrow off each other. If nobody wants to lend to one another or it’s very expensive the credit (loans) will dry up.

As mentioned previously, space has not allowed me to go into much depth. But hope with by the grace of Allah (swt) it has allowed you to get a better understanding of the Capitalist Credit Crunch.

In a nutshell, what can we attribute all this too?

The simple answer is the absence of a divine law and order (Islam) which would manage and control wealth in real terms rather than let everything spiral out of control. Usury, lying, cheating, speculation and greed being the fruits of a failed manmade economic system are here for all to see.

Give full measure, and cause no loss (to others).And weigh with the true and straight balance.And defraud not people by reducing their things, nor do evil, making corruption and mischief in the land. [EMQ 26:181-183]

The Media War: A Means to Brainwash the Masses

December 6, 2008

All praise is for almighty Allah (SWT) and I bear witness that there is no one worthy to be exclusively worshipped except Allah (SWT) and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is his Messenger.

O believers fear Allah (SWT) and don’t die except as a Muslim, verily the Muslim Ummah was and will always be in continuous defence against all the plots and plans her enemy plots, such as establishing loop holes between Muslims and opening many fronts against them in order to divide them, exhaust them, weaken their strength and waste their efforts. These plots from the enemies of the Ummah are an almighty tradition, destined and will continue, rather they will never relax or save effort for the sake of achieving their task or objective which they target, for Allah (SWT) says:

They will continue to fight you, if they can, in order to turn you away from your Deen ‘ [EMQ 2: 217]This ayah is clear evidence about the continuity of the animosity between truth and falsehood which we experience day and night from different types of people, whose objective is one which Allah (SWT) has specified i.e. for Muslims to become apostates from the Deen. Therefore they adopt different means and tools but the objective will always be fixed i.e. to turn Muslims away from the Deen, if they can.

So it is not strange at all for us to see what we see and hear what we hear from their plots, whether they are short term ones (to be fulfilled in the short term) or long term ones, whenever the opportunity arises for them. You see them hunger and thirst to make their falsehood widespread by any way and means in the wider society in Muslim countries, without to care about the harm or consequences. And how could they care when this is their objective, for Allah (SWT) says:

You will hear from the people of the book before you and the mushriks much harm. ‘ [EMQ 3: 118]

Verily Muslims have heard much harm and insults in order to cause disunity among them, but this is not strange, rather it is known as Sunnah Maadiyyah, destined from Allah (SWT).

What is really surprising is to find that the enemy is helped by some portion of the Muslims to spread their harm against fellow Muslims, and we don’t mean here the practicing Muslims, because they understand the Wala and Bara and are in continuous animosity with the kuffar, but rather we speak about the other majority who have been counted as Muslims. These people are useful tools, used by the kuffar to do their jobs when requested by the kuffar, without to bother about the consequences on their own Deen and on their own Muslim brothers. However, we are not really concerned with these people, but rather those who are quickest to the fitnah and those who are leading the campaign of causing fitnah and who are propagating and spreading rumors. Whoever understands them realizes how much our shield and defence is threatened from inside. However, this is not the first time that we have heard about people like this in our history. Allah (SWT) has informed us about their mocking, he says:

They plot their own plots and Allah (SWT) knows their plots, and even the mountain will be shaken by their plots ‘ [EMQ 14: 46 ]

From among these types of people are those who are naive and emotional and their zeal will push them far from the shari’ah limits, so that they start off helping the enemy with good intention, without even to stand with them, and inadvertently put extra salt on the wounds of the Ummah by propagating what the enemy say about other Muslims and, if the enemy use the weapon of the media to spread rumours, some of the ‘sincere’ Muslims will carry these rumors and spread them widely, without verification, causing damage in minutes what might have taken the enemy years to cause.

We must bear in mind that the media is one of the main tools used by the USA for its propaganda which has had a great impact and influence on conveying its military views and ideology since the First World War, as a way of brainwashing the masses around the world and as a means to convince its own people. It has been reported from J Brown, in his book ‘ The means of convincing and brainwashing ‘ written in 1970, that ‘ In the beginning of the first world war no one cared at all about oppressed people or to spread democracy but when the American people intervened and the Russian revolution started, governments started to adopt ideologies to gain the sympathy of the world or to preserve high morale among the people’

Therefore American propaganda had the main function of boosting the morale of the alliance during the First World War and to weaken the morale of the Germans. This American point of view i.e. propaganda and media campaign, against opposition, continues even today and adopts all the advanced technology to address and to reach most of the people of the Earth with the full support of political and military studies which have been prepared by the department of psychology and of the art of scientific media. In this global crusade against Islam and Muslims, the USA uses all her propaganda machine to earn international support against what she calls Islamic terrorism, extremism and fanaticism.

The USA has controlled the world’s media and forced it upon everyone using strict monitoring, it has silenced all tongues which do not agree with her propaganda and policies and has adopted two main forms of monitoring the propaganda:

• Selected monitoring – focusing on selected information which matches with her particular point of view

• Controlling all media publicity and transmission around the world to guarantee that the news reaches the world and carries her views at the speed of light.

These are the adopted means, mentioned in the above book by Mr Brown, in order to understand how the science of media propaganda has been utilized in this contemporary war.

One of the means of propaganda utilised by the Americans is continuous repetition, believing that if you repeat things many times you will find that people will one day accept them, and in fact some of the slogans may one day become common principles which have big roles in politics or the media, even if they were originally completely meaningless. Some of what the Americans repeat through their channels are concerning terrorism, fundamentalism, the war against western civilization and the war against their values, which become facts and which no one wants to debate or argue against, this matches with the popular parable, ‘ a lot of repetition will even teach the donkey ‘.

Other means of propaganda are rejecting to debate anything they propagate but rather one must confirm their thought, even by force. Recently we have experienced how US propaganda has spread its views, insisting that its ideas are fact and not open to discussion in order to brainwash the minds of the masses. The masses must adopt these and this is clearly manifested on the lips of George Bush when he says that ‘ The USA is fighting Terrorism ‘ and he keeps repeating this, and that the USA ‘ has the right to retaliate against terrorism by any means ‘. Moreover, we have heard from the White House that the USA is not needy for any evidence to attack any country which they doubt is involved in terrorism.

Another means that the disbelievers of the USA and Britain use, which has a lot of impact on the minds of the people, in order to brainwash the masses, is to establish a group of intellectuals or politicians and then introduce them in a way that people will accept them (and their views and ideologies) in order to gain their support. This style is so clear in the speeches of the American politicians for example, when they say that ‘ the American people want so and so.. ‘ or when they say, for example that ‘ 80% of the American people support the war ‘ etc… so if any American reads these statements or sees these statistics it will affect their minds and develop thoughts of artificial people, bearing in mind that most Americans have no personal opinion about the war, that they don’t care about the foreign policy of their government and they do not know about the external wars except little. So it is no surprise if the American people think Pervez Musharraf is the King of Saudi Arabia.

This is how the American war of propaganda has succeeded to trap the Northern alliance in Afghanistan , with certain slogans like ‘ the Afghani people do not want the Taleban ‘ and ‘ the afghani people want peace ‘ etc… Even the head of the government keeps repeating these and other similar statements like ‘ afghani people want the foreign forces to stay for good ‘.

Therefore we must meet this challenge with a bigger challenge than theirs and have publicity which reflects the Islamic point of view, free from any form of defeatism or blind-following and we must use the media to rise the morale and plant the hope of victory in the heart of the world in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular, so that it is not affected by the foolish US propaganda and is able to expose it publicly.

Muslims can no longer remain silent, especially in this difficult time in the history of mankind where there is material and moral defeatism and where American monopolization of the world’s media has prevailed. Propaganda does not usually succeed except when it finds people who wish to listen to it, digest it and act upon it and this cannot happen except in a society whose morale among the people is low. So we must give up defeatism and transfer it to a confrontational mentality, we must transfer our thoughts and ideas and publicize them widely and make the Muslims carry them everywhere and we must not to be busy carrying the thoughts and ideas of the enemy, whether to publicize them or even to waste time countering them. Verily Muslims have the jewellery, which is Islam, whereas the kuffar have stones called Christianity or Judaism. But unfortunately, Muslim activists hide the Jewellery and are busy criticising the stones instead of demonstrating the Jewellery they have and to let everyone see it so that the wise will realize the difference between the jewellery and the stones.

The world wide media propaganda machine and it’s savage onslaught against Muslims is bigger than at any other time, so we must plant in the minds of the Ummah the correct Aqeedah, such as Tawheed, Al-Wala Wal-Bara, brotherhood and complete submission and we must let the coming Muslim generation have immunity against any Western propaganda. Hence, we see the US and the kuffar concentrating on Americanizing the children of the world, even by spreading their thoughts and ideas via cartoon films, which carry with them all their satanic plots in order to shape the minds of the younger generation from different backgrounds and colors so that they accept it’s ideology without any resistance.

These evil, cultural, savage attacks against the Ummah are manifest in the war against the Islamic scholars, activists, Daiees and Islamic schools, and that is why the Americans are always trying to shut the schools down, arrest the scholars and stop the groups, because they see them as obstacles in the way of their satanic plots.

Muslims must therefore stand firm for what they believe against all the plots of the kuffar; it is time for stubbornness, for standing firm for your thoughts and to hold to them, because the steadfastness of the thoughts and practicing them by the people will grant them strength. Despite the fact that the Tartars invaded Muslim countries with their military advancement, they still ended up embracing our Deen when they saw how the Muslims held to their own thoughts and belief without compromising. Despite being weak and having a defeated materially, their morale was very high.

O Muslim brothers, O Ghurabaa, be aware that the real strength of the Muslims is in the firmness of their belief. They should be proud about it, call for it, implement it and pledge to Allah (SWT) to die for and on it. How many kuffar have embraced Islam when they see the Muslims insisting to implement their Deen and are seen to be proud about their own belief.

Allah (SWT) informed us of many psychological facts about the personalities of the kuffar and their mentality in the Qur’an in many places, so we must capitalise on these Islamic facts in our publicity and the call and dawah. Verily we have greater weapons in this propaganda war because our enemy have launched their attacks based on human views and concepts in order to affect us whereas we have divine facts about them which are not subject to debate. All we need to do is to transfer these facts from theory into action, and verily Allah (SWT) says:

Do the action and Allah (SWT) will reward you for it‘ [EMQ 3: 57 ]

So make the effort that Allah (SWT) asks you to make and leave the result in his hands, with full tawakkul in him (SWT).

Western Society: A culture of paganism and disbelief

December 6, 2008

All Praise and thanks are due to Allaah, who created jinn and mankind for no purpose except to worship Him, and did not leave them to wander blindly, but rather sent Messengers (to them). And may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon His slave and Messenger, Muhammad (salallahu alayhe wassalam), who brought mankind out of the darkness of shirk (paganism) , into the light of tawhid (monotheism), by the leave of his Lord, the Al-Mighty, (The One) Worthy of all Praise.

Sadly enough, many Muslims have failed to recognize the evil of Western society, and have failed to recognize how it has plundered into the depths of kufr and shirk. Many Muslims, especially those whom live in the West, have a limited understanding of At-tawhid(monotheism) and Shirk(polytheism), and they deem shirk(polytheism) as being something limited to the invoking of idols, the worshipping of graves, or the belief in a god besides Allah. Although all of these are unforgivable acts and beliefs (of shirk), in which Allaah will not forgive (if one dies upon them), the ignorance of the other types of shirk and how they are manifested in Western society has brought Muslims to become disillusioned as to what it actually means to be a real Muwahhid(monotheist) in the modern-day and age.

Shirk in Love and how it is manifested in the West

One of the categories of shirk in 3ebaadah(worship) is shirk in love. In essence, this means to love something as you love Allaah, or to love something with the same (or more intense) love as one has for Allaah. Allaah (swt) says in His Book:

And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allah as rivals (to Allah). They love them as they love Allah. But those who believe, love Allah more (than anything else)… [Qur’an 2:265]

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“Every person must have an ultimate aim which is the focus of his love and will. If a person does not have Allaah as the focus of his love and will, he will inevitably be enslaved by something else, whether it be his own pride and arrogance, wealth, power or something that he takes as a god instead of Allaah.” [Al-Uboodiyyah]

The reality is that human beings are worshippers by nature. If the worship of Allaah is not established in one’s life, then one’s worship will be directed towards something else. The negligence of Allaah in the daily life of the western kaafir, has lead him to become enslaved usually by his own desires and whims. Often, the pursuit of petty desires, aspirations for worldly vanities, and even the mere pursuit of physical pleasure occupies the love and will of individuals living in the West.

All of this traces its roots in Ancient Greek philosophy, and concepts such as hedonism, which teach that the pursuit of worldly pleasure is essentially good, and everything that opposes it, is essentially bad. Likewise, devotion to these worldly pleasures, which is often manifested in the widespread zina(unlawful sexual intercourse), consumption of alcohol, and obsession with music and other pleasures, has led people to in fact take their own desires and lusts (hawaa’) as their gods. Allaah (swt) says:

Have you seen him who takes his own lust (vain desires) as his ilah (god),” [Qur’an 45:23]

The Western idea of success has led people to become enslaved to wealth, (in the sense that) money and wealth is deemed as the absolute source of benefit. This is (in reality) the essence of Capitalism and materialism, which has made people’s souls become subservient to the dollar bill in an almost absolute sense, with no acknowledgement of Allah. It is just as how the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

The Messenger said, “May the worshipper of Ad-Dirham be wretched. May the worshipper of Ad-Dinâr be wretched. May the worshipper of velvet cloth be wretched. May the worshipper of silk cloth be wretched. May he be wretched and disappointed. When such a one is pierced with thorns they cannot be extracted. When he is granted (what he desires), he is pleased; and when he is denied, he is displeased…” [Bukhârî & Ibn Mâjah upon Abu Hurayrah ®]

The Prophet (sws) described such people as “worshippers” in the sense that if they get what they desire they become pleased and feel successful, and if they don’t, they become displeased and feel in need. In the West, such an individual (of this condition) will enslave himself to school and work in order to achieve this illusion of “success”, also known as the “American dream”, and then to fill his life with some sort of meaning and purpose, he resorts to simple physical fulfillment, with no thought of decency or dignity. In fact, complete opposition to any form of human decency, morality, or dignity has become a basis of western culture, (all) in the name of “Freedom” and “Pursuit of happiness”.

Shirk in Legislation

The very essence of the Western idea of life and “individualism” is based upon deifying the human intellect and rationale. It places the feeble intellect in a position in which it was not created for, beyond its reasonable capabilities, and into areas which require knowledge and understanding which it can not grasp( well enough) to make just, complete, and perfect decisions. From a very young age, children are taught “think for yourself”, “be yourself”, “express your emotions and ideas and follow them.” From this stemmed the rejection of Divine Wisdom and revelation, in which the human being is allusioned to be the sole determinant of right and wrong, permissible and impermissible, regardless of what the All-Wise Creator states regarding an issue. Secularism and democracy all stem from this idea, which gives the feeble human intellect more weight in legislative (shar’i) affairs than Allaah. Meaning, the Shareeah of Allaah, according to Western thought is something which has to be “approved”, whether regarding detailed or general matters, to see if it fits with the whims and opinions of the masses! And We seek refuge in Allaah from such kufr!

From amongst the wisdom of sending Messengers to mankind was to judge between the matters in which they differed, so that they might seek guidance from Him alone, and to refer to His Decision alone, instead of the varying opinions of human beings and their fabricated constitutions.

Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

Allaah is the Judge (Al-Hakam) who judges between His slaves, the Decision(Al-Hukm) belongs to Him Alone. Allah revealed His Books and sent the Messengers to judge between them. Whoever obeys the Messenger is one of His pious close friends(awliya’) and will find happiness in this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever disobeys the Messenger will be one of those doomed to torment. Allah says:

Mankind were one community and Allah sent Prophets with glad tidings and warnings, and with them He sent down the Scripture in truth to judge between people in matters wherein they differed. And only those to whom [the scripture] was given differed concerning it after clear proofs had come unto them through hatred, one to another. Then Allah by His Leave guided those who believed to the truth of that wherein they differed.” [Qur’an 2:213]

Allah (swt) explains that He sent the Messengers and revealed the Books to them so that they might judge between the people concerning that wherein they differed. Allah (swt) says:

And in whatsoever you differ, the decision thereof is with Allah [He is the ruling Judge]. Such is Allah, my Lord in whom I put my trust, and to Him turn [in all my affairs] and repentance. [Qur’an 42:10]

and Prophet Yoosuf (alayhe salam) said: “The command [or the judgement] is for none but Allah. He has commanded that you worship none but Him; that is the straight religion, but most men know not” [Qur’an 12:39-40]

The Decision belongs to Allah Alone, and His Messengers conveyed that from Him. Their ruling is His ruling, and their command is His command; obeying them means obeying Him. Whatever the Messenger rules or commands them to do or prescribes in the religion, it is obligatory upon all the people to follow that and to obey him, for that is the ruling of Allah upon His creation.” -end quote

How often in Western society are the opinions of t.v. and radio show hosts, musicians, congressmen, and even actors and celebrities referred to for judgment, whether that be in the political spectrum, or even affairs of day to day life? The Decision of Allah is disregarded, and the whims and opinions preached by the gods in the media is looked after eagerly (in such a culture).

In essence, the kufr of Western society can be summed up in one word which is used over and over to justify its presence, growth, and its glorification… Freedom. Yet what such a society fails to comprehend, is that such “freedom” simply represents the worship and enslavement to desires, opinions, and whims, a disregard for what is (truly) right, and a disregard for the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Islaam is the truly liberating force, which liberates men from worshipping that which does not deserve worship, submitting to that which does not deserve submission, whether they take the form of an idol, a king, a clergy, or even one’s own desires, ideas, and lusts, and then (Islaam) subsequently puts mankind forth on the worship of Allaah, the All-Wise, All-Knowing, Creator and Sustainer of the universe. To Him belong all Attributes of Perfection; none can intercede with Him except by His Permission, and He is the only one that deserves worship.

Sayyid Qutb (rahimahullah) said:

This religion is really a universal declaration of the freedom of man from servitude to other men and from servitude to his own desires, which is also a form of human servitude; it is a declaration that sovereignty belongs to Allaah alone and that He is the Lord of all the worlds. It means a challenge to all kinds and forms of systems which are based on the concept of the sovereignty of man; in other words, where man has usurped the Divine attribute. Any system in which the final decisions are referred to human beings, and in which the sources of all authority are human, deifies human beings by designating others than God as lords over men. This declaration means that the usurped authority of Allaah be returned to Him and the usurpers be thrown out-those who by themselves devise laws for others to follow, thus elevating themselves to the status of lords and reducing others to the status of slaves. In short, to proclaim the authority and sovereignty of God means to eliminate all human kingship and to announce the rule of the Sustainer of the universe over the entire earth. In the words of the Qur’an:

He alone is Allaah in the heavens and in the earth. (43:84)

The command belongs to Allaah alone. He commands you not to worship anyone except Him. This is the right way of life. (12: 40)

Say: O People of the Book, come to what is common between us: that we will not worship anyone except Allaah, and will not associate anything with Him, and will not take lords from among ourselves besides Allaah; and if they turn away then tell them to bear witness that we are those who are Muslims (have submitted to Allaah) (2: 64) ”

In conclusion, it is obvious that the people of the West are in general kuffar and mushrikeen, and their kufr and shirk is clear and recognizable to any reasonable Muslim. Likewise, it is not permissible to form alliance with them, or feel love in one’s heart towards them, until (and unless) they accept tawhid, by testifying laa ilaaha illa Allaah, Muhaammadun RasulAllaah, thus submitting themselves to Allaah as Muslims. Allaah (swt) says:

You (O Muhammad ) will not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad ), even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people).” [Qur’an 58:22]

Indeed there has been an excellent example for you in Ibrahim (Abraham) and those with him, when they said to their people: “Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah, we have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred for ever, until you believe in Allah Alone,” [Qur’an 60:4]

“So fight them until there remains no worship of anything besides Allaah, and obedience and worship are purely for Allaah.” [Qur’an 8:39]

Allaahumma Salli 3aala’ Muhammad, wa 3aala’ aali Muhammad. Kamaa baraktaa 3aala ibraheem wa 3alaa’ aali Ibraheem. Innaka Hameedun Majeed.

May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad (salallahu 3alayhe wa sallam), his family, his companions, and all those who follow them in goodness until the Day of Ressurection. Ameen.

I ask Allaah to keep us on the straight path, the path of Al-Islaam, subdue our enemies, and give us victory over the disbelieving people.