Comment: Musharraf Resigns, Pakistan back to square one

Pakistan Now?After days of defiant talk emanating from his office, President Pervaz Musharraf has thrown in the proverbial towel and announced his resignation through an address to the nation. Talk is cheap in politics. Actions, circumstances, power networks and prospects speak louder than words. In reality the President had little choice in the end as most of his allies slowly but surely pulled the plug that had allowed him to maintain his position whilst surrounded by fierce domestic opposition in the last couple of years.

Two things are particularly worthy of note from this latest twist in Pakistani politics:

1. The United States has once again shown its true colours in living up to the Western tradition in politics, well-expressed by former British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston when he said, “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.” The US brought Musharraf to power in 1999, used him to further their strategic interests in the region throughout his 8 year reign, and have now thrown him out like a used towel. In this there is a lesson for all the Muslim rulers regarding their slavish relationship to the Western powers. Not only will such a relationship lead to great misery and torment in the hereafter, but will lead to the ultimate failure and disgrace in this world too. No man of nobility and honour should accept such a relationship. True honour is with Allah, His Messenger (saw) and the Believers.

2. With great sorrow, we must highlight that Pakistan is now back to square one, with those corrupt politicians who led to the country to a dismissal position through their rule in the 90s are now back in power, this time as a coalition. The PPP and the Muslim League had alternate turns back then leading the nation to failure in all aspects. The stark irony is in the fact that those whom Musharraf deposed to supposedly save Pakistan from, and now back in power supposedly saving Pakistan from Musharraf. This is the sort of irrational mess we can expect from the secular rule of those who ruling in the service of the foreign powers, who are the enemies of Allah and of the Believers.

The only way forward for Pakistan is the implementation of Shari’ah and the rejection of the master-slave relationship with the US.


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