It is not Islam or extremism that is a threat to society but rather Western values!

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AsianFootbalFans.jpgThe Daily Mirror reported a story on Sunday 27th July of two drunken British women who attempted to open the emergency exit of a jet airliner at an altitude of 30,000ft while on a flight from Manchester to the Greek island of Kos.

Terrified passengers screamed as flight attendants fought with the two crazed women who started brawling with staff after being caught smoking in the toilets and when refused more drink.

A passenger on the flight described the mayhem. “One was lashing out with a vodka bottle after they were refused more booze. One of them went to the emergency exit. It was one hell of a scene. “She screamed, ‘I want some fresh air!’ It was a nightmare. The crew were brilliant, wrestling them to the ground and slapping plastic cuffs on them. We all thought we had had our chips.”

Such stories appear regularly in the media and are now part and parcel of British life. The media recently reported that hospitals treated an astounding 800,000 patients last year on alcohol-related medical problems. Clearly, alcohol-fuelled violence, public disorder and health concerns are at extremely worrying levels and show no signs of abating. The decision by the Pub Association to withdraw from its voluntary code of practise against aggressive advertising shows that the industry seeks to promote further alcohol consumption!

Yet, the media will not embark on a campaign against the booze culture of Britain with the same ferocity with which it has embarked upon a campaign to attack Islam in recent years. If one were to believe the media, it is Islam and the Muslim community that are the greatest danger to society, whereas in reality, it is the values of freedom, materialism and hedonism which underpin Western society that are agencies causing society to break apart. Ultimately, the freedom to produce, sell, and consume alcohol underlies the current destructive drink culture in Britain and other Western countries. Indeed, when Muslim groups raise these issues, they are attacked in the media for raising a propaganda war against Western values!

Islam was sent by Allah (swt) through his Messenger, Muhammed (saw) as a guidance and mercy for humanity. Increasingly, Muslims and non-Muslims are turning to Islam as they see through the shallow and erroneous values that characterise Western society. Islam restricted the activities of people in public life in order to protect and preserve the character and quality of life in the society it envisages. Islam, therefore, prohibited alcohol consumption and production as Allah (swt) said,

“O ye who believe ! wine and the game of chance and idols and divining arrows are only the abomination of Satan’s handiwork. So shun each one of them that you may prosper.” TMQ Al Maidah, :90

It is of great importance that Islam be established politically in the Muslim world through the re-establishment of Khilafah so that a truly Islamic society can show humanity by example the way forward once again as it did in the past.


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